Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas, a divorce to be signed

Confirmed that Enrique Ponce was in Madrid last weekend, everything pointed to the fact that the signing of the regulatory agreement, as a previous step to the request for divorce from his marriage to Paloma Cuevas, had brought him to the capital. However, there are no appointments on the agenda to complete the procedure that begins the legal separation process. It is by mutual agreement and they formalize it privately before taking it to court. For now, there is no signature set.

During your stay in Madrid, in addition to taking care of other personal matters, he went to personally congratulate his still wife on her birthday. It was this Friday when the businesswoman, already back home after a long season on the family farm in Jaén, resumed her outings with friends. The bullfighter approached to greet his still wife at the early dinner – a lifelong dinner snack- at the house of mutual friends who wanted to share with her on her birthday. He did not stay for dinner, but he did come to congratulate her and greet the intimate ones, gathered in a beautiful home located in one of the most distinguished urbanizations on the outskirts of Madrid. Nor was it a surprise, since it would have been very risky not to notify Paloma without knowing in advance his reaction to seeing Enrique appear. They know her well and now her friends are a vital support. The meeting was prepared according to the honoree herself, who thus normalizes her good relationship with the man with whom she has shared more than 25 years of her life, despite being in the process of marital separation.

Enrique Ponce congratulated his ex, Paloma Cuevas, in person on his last birthday / Gtres

However, the signing of the divorce is stagnant, or at least no day or time. It does not advance. Cuevas and Ponce share a lawyer for the civil dissolution of their marriage by mutual agreement And, although it is true that in recent weeks information has been appearing that indicated that the procedures were still pending to start, this Monday it confirmed that the conditions, the bases of the divorce are already fixed and decided. Ponce’s sentimental situation, which consolidates his relationship with Ana Soria, is followed by the need to sign the divorce and start a new stage in his life. However, despite the fact that there is consensus on the measures to be taken, regarding the family regime after the separation, and that he moved to Madrid (it was already there), the regulatory agreement that they will later ratify by mutual agreement in a Madrid court, continues without signing. Divorce could be ready long before it is finally going to be, they explain to me. “Paloma is determined and is very clear that she wants a divorce now,” a trusted source assures me. “When I sign, everything will be in order to start a new stage and be calm.” On the other hand, Ponce’s relationship with his new partner continues to be one of “idyllic romance”, as they describe it in his closest environment.

Enrique Ponce, Ana Soria

Enrique Ponce and Ana Soria, in an image of this summer / Gtres If it were only a matter of two, I understand that marriage could mark other times, but Enrique has remade his life with Ana Soria, the young woman with whom he is in love, it was he who left his home and who has plans to start a new stage with the young woman from Almeria. As far as I know, he raises separation and divorce. The ecclesiastical nullity was not given an option, but it was considered, as I knew at the time. Since he left his home for Almería to continue his romance, already determined to separate from his wife, almost six months have passed. His relationship with Ana Soria continues and his marriage to Paloma is far, far behind. The marital domicile is the one currently occupied by Cuevas and his daughters. Enrique looks for “something” to settle in Madrid and the married couple, once divorced, will reorganize their lives, each one on their own, united by the common interest of protecting their family.

I try to contact Ponce, but I can’t. Paloma Cuevas already made it clear that her option was silence and put contact with the media in the hands of a communication office. Also useless to get some detail. They just insist that nothing is closed yet. There is no news or advances. My sources assure me, however, that everything has been decided, at least as regards the family regime, custody and alimony. The dissolution of property will be resolved later. All you have to do is sign.