Enrique Ponce personally congratulates Paloma Cuevas at dinner on her birthday

In recent weeks there have been many words that have been able to adjust to the complicated relationship they are experiencing Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce after announcing their marital separation, but there is one that the ex-partner seems to bet with great force: “cordiality”. In addition to the good of the two daughters they have in common, the businesswoman and the bullfighter seem to want to continue maintaining the odd bond, as it has become clear this weekend in which a very important event has taken place, Paloma’s birthday.

Enrique Ponce congratulated his ex, Paloma Cuevas, in person on his last birthday / Gtres

This Friday, the Cordoba returned to resume her social agenda to celebrate her 48th birthday -the first separated- something she did surrounded by a restricted group of friends, and also her ex, Enrique Ponce. Nothing suggested that they would be together that day, but the Valencian decided to approach to personally wish the mother of his daughters a happy day. The meeting took place at the home of some friends they have in common. The Valencian went to congratulate Cuevas expressly, as explained to Look Paloma García-Pelayo, who advanced the news in ‘The Ana Rosa program’. «He didn’t stay for dinner, but he did go to congratulate her and it is one more piece of information to affirm that the relationship, despite the upcoming divorce, is more than cordial “, says the journalist.

As the journalist Paloma García Pelayo has narrated in ‘The Ana Rosa Program’, this meeting is most revealing, since “it is one more piece of information to affirm that the relationship, despite the divorce, is more than cordial». A few days ago it was Enrique himself who confirmed to Toñi Moreno that the family relationship he maintains with his still wife will continue like this in the future and that, despite what has been published, neither of them is considering a marriage annulment.

And that Ponce is living one of the sweetest moments of his life at the hands of his current partner, Ana Ponce, to whom he does not stop dedicating gestures of love on social networks. This Sunday, without going any further, the last of it took place when, in the middle of the job, Chiva’s, with the bull just a few centimeters away, he drew in the albero with his sword the ‘A’ of Ana, showing great courage.

The ex-partner is living these weeks in two totally opposite ways. The businesswoman has chosen to take refuge in her home, her family and her daughters, who are the most important thing at the moment, Enrique Ponce has not stopped showing off his love story with Ana. Along with her he has been seen enjoying the sea , during their bullfighting festivities and, above all, in subsequent celebrations, where they have come to unleash their passion.