Enrique Ponce’s ex-wife, ready to take a drastic turn in her life

Since her separation with Enrique Ponce, with whom she had been married for 25 years and with whom she has had two daughters, was revealed, Paloma Cuevas has opted for a great discretion that still stands. In the time that has passed since then, several details have been known, such as that the signing of the divorce papers is about to happen, but there is still a great mystery about what the businesswoman is going to do from now on.

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas was an apparently «perfect» until a few months ago / Gtres

There have been several voices that have pointed out that I could leave Spain behind, accompanied by her daughters, to start a new life away from her ex and from a relationship that has made her headlines. As she is silent, it is her environment that reveals new details. The last of them Carmen Lomana, who this Friday, during her attendance at the opening of the new season of the Royal Theater of Madrid, made a surprising revelation.

Carmen Lomana
Carmen Lomana was, once again, one of the most elegant of the Teatro Real / Gtres appointment

The socialite, one of the most elegant guests of the night, -without taking into account Queen Letizia, spectacular with a Carolina Herrera total look in red-, insisted, for the second time, that between Paloma and Enrique things are not very fluid, “how can there be a good vibes ? If they are obvious things ”, were her words. In her opinion, what the right-hander has done is. have “a lack of respect with your attitude, without a doubt”.

Enrique Ponce, Ana Soria
Enrique and Ana have shouted their love to the four winds on their respective Instagram / @ enriqueponce profiles

Carmen, who was able to speak with Paloma on the occasion of her birthday, on September 11, a day that she celebrated surrounded by friends and in which her ex was also present, who came to congratulate her, knows first-hand her next intentions. Although at first the socialite was reluctant to talk about her friend’s plans, she finally stated that “it seems” that Paloma Cuevas intends to leave Spain. Lomana is clear that it will not be Dominican Republic, as has been said, “I can assure you that no”, aim. Her next destination would then be Europe.

In these difficult times, the businesswoman is leaning on those who love her most, her friends, and especially her parents. “She is very familiar and he relies a lot on his own ”, Carmen Lomana revealed before heading to the Teatro Real.