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The coach of Barcelona, Ernesto ValverdeHe regretted that the final dismissals did not lead to victory in the Spain Supercup before a Atlético de Madrid that "remained in the game thanks to two goals" that "annulled them"

"The two-way draw came in a situation where we didn't know how to stop the game, a quick throw-in in which they overflowed us. They've put fast players up and surprised us on that play. In the next one it wasn't a accumulation of situations that have surpassed us. Two situations that have cost us dearly when we had controlled the game. And the fact that they have annulled us two goals has kept them in the game, "Valverde analyzed.

The Barcelona coach recognized the success of his rival at the end. "They have had a great success. It's a great team. It's not only about generating chances but getting them right and that they don't succeed. At times we weren't right. It seemed that the game was going in our favor it wasn't like that. I would love to say that the opposite was ahead and they turned it in five minutes but it has been the other way around, "added the coach.

Ernesto Valverde, in the Spanish Super Cup



"Coaches always move on the idea of ​​working. We know what football is like and that there is always instability when there are no good results, when you lose," said Barça coach, who assumes that the situation will be fueled. "I guess we have now lost and this will be discussed because they are situations that you cannot control. I dedicate myself to mine. I cannot handle it," he added.

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