Family history that explains why your baby will not inherit noble title

Her grandfather married twice and Alejandra de Rojas is the sixth daughter, but comes from a second marriage, so she will never inherit the title of Countess of Montarco

Alejandra de Rojas Y Beltrán Cavero They have already been parents. Although they have carried both the news of pregnancy and birth with a lot of secrecy, the truth is that The baby who has just arrived in the world is heir to one of the most historic noble families in Spain. Of course, with a soap opera intrahistory that explains why the new member will not inherit any family title.

Alejandra is the daughter of Eduardo de Rojas y Ordoñez, count of Montarco, who died, with 96 years in 2005. Ten years later her mother, Charo Palacios, died. Eduardo de Rojas married Charo Palacios in second nuptials and already had five children from his first marriage, of the second only two, Alejandra and Julio.

Among the stepbrothers there was never very good tuning because there never was among their mothers. And in recent years less, because in 2004, before the death of the father, Ana de Rojas – Pablo Manuel de Villena, Alejandra's oldest sister, said in an interview with Vanity Fair that He regretted that Charo Palacios had always presented himself as Countess of Montarco when in fact the title belonged to Blanca de Rojas, the firstborn of the family and now that her eldest son, Rodrigo, has died.

So, although Charo, a woman always praised for her elegance, was known for years as Countess of Montarco, the truth is that this title never really belonged to her, in the same way that It does not correspond to Alejandra and therefore neither to her baby. He will always be the grandson of the Count of Montarco, but his family ancestors confirm that it is practically impossible for him to one day hold the title that his grandfather so proudly took.