Ferrari ugly Fernando Alonso on the 90th anniversary of the team

The Italian Ferrari team celebrates its 90th anniversary and has shared a poster with the drivers they have had on the team and highlights that the figure of Fernando Alonso is almost unrecognizable

Ferrari celebrates its 90th anniversary and he has done it in a party that thousands of fans approached the Italian team, as well as mythical pilots. Also posted a poster reviewing the history of the company and in it none of Fernando Alonso.

In this poster you can see the legendary drivers who have driven a Ferrari, like Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost – who currently works at Renault – or Kimi Raikkonen. In this illustration they are easily Most pilots recognizable, except one: Fernando Alonso.

And it is that the Spanish pilot appears celebrating a victory with the helmet on, so recognizing him is almost impossible. Meanwhile, other pilots appear on the cartel with a less successful trajectory that appear in a larger size than Fernando Alonso and in a clearer way when identifying them.

This fact has bothered a lot of followers of the Italian team, which have been echoed in social networks by the little importance they have given in the poster to Fernando Alonso.