Fight for its independence from US pressures

Huawei, the Chinese technology company, has reaffirmed that it is an “independent private multinational” and that it complies “rigorously” with the laws in all the countries in which it operates, so the accusations of the Government of Donald Trump on their dependence on the Chinese Government they have no "foundation."

The Asian brand defends itself against the pressures it is making Washington to the governments of the European Union to completely exclude Huawei from the deployment of its 5G networks, as it considers it a national security risk.

The Assistant Secretary of State of the United States responsible for cyber and international communications and information policy, Robert StrayerHe explained on Thursday that he had met in recent days with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation and that of Foreign Affairs as part of his tour of Europe to warn of the risks of employing the Asian manufacturer.

United States meets with Telefónica

The US representative also admitted that he had met with regulators and the private sector. Among the operators, Strayer only disclosed that he had met with Telefonica.

«Huawei is a company that strictly complies with the laws and regulations in all markets in which it operates. There is no government or third person that owns shares of the company, intervenes in our operations or influences our decision-making, ”said the company in the Asian country.

«The United States is conducting a Bell global, attacking Huawei without any evidence or evidence to support its accusations. Our teams have never registered a large-scale network failure, and we have never experienced a serious cybersecurity violation, ”the company defends.

During his tour of Europe, Strayer He has argued that in China there is no "rule of law", so Huawei is at the mercy of the Chinese government, which is why it urges EU countries to use "safe and reliable" suppliers such as Ericsson, Nokia or Samsung.