First family outing with José Ortega Cano after four months separated by ‘Survivientes 2020’

She arrived in Spain several days after almost four months living the adventure of her life in Honduras, but it has not been until now that Ana María Aldón has reunited with two of the people she loves the most, her young son and her husband, José Ortega Cano.

After arriving from the island, the Cádiz woman had to spend several days in a Madrid hotel to pass the quarantine established by the authorities, and it was not until this Wednesday that she was able to travel to Cádiz. There he was reunited with his two boys and, after an hour with the family, this Thursday they took advantage of the good weather to take a family walk that they will surely remember with affection.

The ‘Survivors’ enjoyed her husband and son / Gtres

Although the designer did not manage to get the coveted award, which fell into the hands of the Civil Guard Jorge Pérez, Ana María has gained a lot in the long weeks that she has spent away from her own. In addition to being a very deserving first runner-up, Ana María has shown herself as she is, revealing a very strong, funny woman with very clear ideas. But not only that, it has also been completely renovated on the outside.

Ortega Cano, Ana María Aldón
Ortega Cano could not go to meet his wife due to health problems / Gtres

In addition to the already traditional brunette with which all those who go through the survival reality come back, Aldón has boasted this Thursday of his new look. After cutting his hair in exchange for a challenge for which he won three dishes and at home, Ortega Cano’s wife put herself in the hands of her hairdresser, who dyed her very short hair an almost white blonde that is very Well thanks to the contrast with the gold of its skin. She has combined it with a black shirt dress, esparto platform sandals and the already traditional hygienic mask.

Ortega Cano, Ana María Aldón
The family has the whole summer ahead to catch up and make up the time they have been apart / Gtres

At his side, and without letting go of him for a moment, was his young son, who could not help but be very happy to be with his parents again. A feeling that Ortega also shared that he could not go to welcome his wife because of her health problems. «I suffer from sintrom, it goes up, it goes down… it got very high, very unbalanced, and they had to take me to the Sanlúcar de Barrameda Clinic. I had to be treating myself on Thursday, that I couldn’t go to the gala, that I would have loved, “the bullfighter told” Save me. “