first outing with your baby

Lorena Gomez and René Ramos They have been seen for the first time on the street since the singer gave birth on May 2. Until now we have seen them teach their son on social networks, but not go outside with him. The couple has come together to a pediatric review of the little one. Equipped with masks and gloves to prevent infection, they have gone to a clinic. Lorena carried her son in her arms, completely covered to protect him from any danger. After completing the medical evaluation, they have gone home.

René and Lorena are passing the confinement in Seville, the father’s hometown and where he also brought the boy three weeks ago. It is the first child for the Catalan singer and the second for the Andalusian businessman, who had his first daughter twelve years ago. Lorena is already very recovered and René dissolves in attentions with her. In fact, he posted a video looking at his baby in which the drool was falling and that he has not hesitated to comment on even his own brother. Sergio Ramos boasted of a nephew: «Oleee my shobrinooooo .. !! ❤️⭐️💪🏻 Love uuuu .. !! 🙌 ».

The couple, who began their relationship in late 2018, seems to be in one of their best moments with the arrival of the newborn. A joy that, without a doubt, will be filling the Ramos Gómez family with enthusiasm. The fact that he is still in a state of alarm has meant that neither Sergio Ramos nor Pilar Rubio can meet the new clan member. Seville is in phase 1 and Madrid is in phase 0, but in neither case is displacement to other territories outside the autonomous community of residence allowed. For that, we will have to wait until phase 3, in a few weeks.

During these first 18 days of the child’s life, his parents have taught us some of the best moments they are living as a family. The first lactations, the physical evolution of Lorena Gómez after giving birth and other snapshots that are well worth seeing. Little René has completely filled them with happiness and has completely changed the mood of the family at a stage as complicated as the one that our country is going through.