Five women who have overcome breast cancer travel the Iberian Peninsula by boat

Since Monday, five women who have overcome breast cancer They are traveling by boat throughout the Iberian Peninsula in the Sixth Edition of the PelayoVida Challenge under the name ChallengePelayoVida Vuelta España 2020. Specifically, it is a journey in a V70 boat from the Volvo Ocean Race extreme regatta which has the objective of giving visibility to cancer in women, as well as the importance of practicing sports as an essential part of their recovery.

Women who have faced this test of personal improvement with great psychological strength, courage and optimism in the face of life despite the fact that they have encountered a serious illness. Women who give voice and visibility to the real possibility of mastering breast cancer and being happy after defeating it. In short, women who send a message of hope to other women who have suffered or are currently suffering from it and who also encourage people to overcome the disease through sports and food.

He ChallengePelayoVida Vuelta Spain 2020 It departed from Bilbao on October 12 and will arrive in Barcelona on October 24. It will sail through the Cantabrian, Atlantic and Mediterranean, it will cross the Strait and make stops in the ports of Cádiz, Malaga and Valencia to Barcelona.

Dadaist the current global pandemic situation due to Covid-19 and taking into account the socioeconomic circumstances that Spain is going through, the ChallengePelayoVida Vuelta Spain 2020, for the first time will not carry out an expedition abroad. This year, the project organization has decided to stay home and show your support and solidarity with the people who have suffered and are suffering the consequences of the virus.

José Boada, President Seguros Pelayo, has pointed out that «Pelayo has always supported the message of optimism, effort and improvement carried out by the protagonists of the RetoPelayoVida, which coincides with the values ​​of the team of people who are part of our company. This year, despite the difficulties added by the health situationWe have not wanted to stop supporting this project, considering that precisely in difficult situations it is more important than ever to do our best to overcome them ».

In this edition, ChallengePelayoVida Vuelta Spain 2020 has worked hand in hand with Quirónpreventa an Action Plan that guarantees the safety and health of all crew members and visitors to the ship. In addition, RetoPelayoVida has obtained the Covid-19 Safe Protocol certification, as an event that complies with the maximum security measures against the virus.

The expeditionaries of the PelayoVida Vuelta Spain 2020 Challenge

Five women who have overcome breast cancer travel the Iberian Peninsula by boat

Marián de Elche, Lorena de Cartagena, Fátima de Jerez, María de Barakaldo and Nuria de Teruel are the five brave who have overcome cancer and have now made the decision to change their lives and face the ChallengePelayoLife to put their bodies and minds to the limit with various goals.

In the first place, they point out, to demonstrate to themselves that after overcoming cancer, life can return to normal; make the disease visible to help other women in the same situation, raise awareness among opinion leaders of the importance of investing in cancer research and transmit to society about the benefits of leading a healthy life and doing physical exercise to prevent any type of disease.

How was the RetoPelayoVida born?

Five women who have overcome breast cancer travel the Iberian Peninsula by boat

In the month of March 2015 and after the death of one of his best friends, a victim of cancer, 39 years old, journalist and writer Eric Frattini, founder of TREX EXPLORING, devises an ascent of five women cancer survivors to Mount Kilimanjaro, the roof of Africa.

On September 29, 2015, at 06:15 Tanzania time, Carmen, Araceli, Rosa, Eva and María reached Uhuru Peak, the highest point of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. That first adventure was the beginning of the Pelayo Vida Challenge. What was a winter night’s dream, became a reality followed by 44 million people in this 1st edition. Since then, there have been 6 expeditions against cancer in women: Kilimanjaro’2015, Trasatlántica’2016, Polar’2017, Annapurna Bike’2018, Andes’2019 and Vuelta España’2020.

The figures have been absolute: 75,880 kilometers traveled; 11 borders crossed; and 14 awards, including a special mention from NASA. As of 2015, each year, 5 women who have suffered from cancer have achieved a unique feat to show that there can be life, much life after cancer.

The route of the ship can be followed live at this link.