Four people arrested for burning a flat in which there was a man tied

The Mossos d'Esquadra and the National Police have arrested four suspects of tying a man on a floor in the Raval of Barcelona and setting him on fire. The first two were arrested in a larger operation, the third was arrested Wednesday afternoon and the fourth this Thursday, the Mossos explained.

The four are arrested for an alleged crime of attempted murder, the Mossos d'Esquadra explained in a statement, since the man they tied up managed to escape from the burning floor where they had tied him.

Early Friday morning, a man managed to break loose and escape a fire on a second floor on Magatzems Street, and was transferred to a medical center with minor injuries from smoke inhalation.

On Saturday, the Mossos and the Urban Guard deployed an operation against the narco-drugs in Raval and Barceloneta, and explained that the action had "precipitated" the incident the previous day on Magatzems Street.

The operation ended with 12 arrests for alleged crimes against public health, and among them were two men whom the police linked to the attempted murder: both went to court on Monday they entered provisional detention.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Mossos arrested a third man for his alleged involvement in the Magatzems Street fire, and on Thursday morning the National Police arrested a fourth person: the two remain in detention waiting to pass at judicial disposal.