France includes the electronic cigarette in its strategy for the ‘Month Without Tobacco 2020’

The fifth edition of Tobacco Free Month stands in favor of electronic cigarette as one more alternative to help stop tobacco use. This initiative, launched by the French Public Health Service and held on an annual basis, faces as a “Collective challenge” smoking cessation during 30 days in order to completely suppress the habit among smokers.

As specified in their website, the commitment to the electronic cigarette carried out by public entities in France is supported by a multitude of scientific research: “The electronic cigarette is considered less harmful than tobacco due to the absence of combustion products and carbon monoxide that cause or favor the appearance of cancer. That is why, when you vape, the risk of developing serious diseases decreases ”.

More than 780,000 registered users since its creation in 2016, Tobacco Free Month is based on two pillars to achieve its goals: preparation and support. According a study by Public Health France, 16% of smokers who participated in the first edition tried to quit smoking during the last quarter of that year. Among them, More than 18% attributed it to this campaign and, a year later, between 6 and 10% had not returned to smoking.

In the words of Olivier smadja, coordinator of the initiative, “this 6% obtained is a remarkable figure, since we consider that every year 3% of people who quit smoking without accompaniment give up tobacco. Thus, We can ensure that by participating in #MesSinTabaco, we double our chances of quitting smoking”.

The first observations made by Public Health France itself conclude that the home confinement caused by the health crisis of the Covid-19 It has led to an increase in tobacco use in France. The incorporation of the electronic cigarette into the strategy defined by the Tobacco Free Month It is part of the effort that the public authorities of the neighboring country are making to stop smoking.