France organizes a national tribute to the professor beheaded for teaching Muhammad cartoons in class

The Republic of France will organize a national tribute to Samuel Paty, the history teacher at a secondary school who was assassinated by a radical Chechen Islamist for teaching images of Muhammad in class.

The new blow of religious radicalism in the French nation has once again generated a great debate about education and social acceptance of certain behaviors related to fanaticism and religion, in this case Islam; and also on the law against separatism that President Emmanuel Macron announced to confront certain sectors that try to separate themselves from the values ​​of equality and cultural promoted by the French Republic to divide it.

While different spontaneous demonstrations are taking place throughout the country remembering Samuel Paty, the Government led by Emmanuel Macron plans together with the family an act for next October 21 to pay tribute to the murdered teacher at the Conflans-Sainte-Honorine educational center (a 50 kilometers northwest of Paris) at the hands of a Chechen political refugee for religious reasons. The act will serve to confirm and strengthen the national union against subversive Islamism and Muslim separatism. For their part, several civic associations and in defense of freedom of expression called a march this Sunday, in the center of Paris. A meeting of the Defense Council will also take place at the Elysee to study possible measures to defend the secularism of French public education against Islamic radicalism.

President Macron went in the last hours to the scene of the attack and met with the assassinated professor’s colleagues. Upon leaving, he clearly stated that it was “an Islamist terrorist attack” in which the teacher “was killed because he taught, because he explained to his students the freedom of expression, the freedom to believe and not to believe.”

The highest president of the Republic had justified in advance the tribute raised for a clear reason: “They have assassinated a French teacher, for teaching freedom, at school.” The tribute is intended to be a fundamental moral, civic and political response, focused on combating Muslim “separatism”, linked to Islamic and terrorist jihadism. The attack and its brutality (the teacher was beheaded by the Chechen radical) show “precisely what the terrorists cannot stand: that the conscience is awakened in the schools”, since “they promote stupidity, ignorance and hatred” , reported, for its part, the Minister of Justice of France.

The Islamist terrorist had refugee status and was not known to the intelligence services, although he had a certain criminal record, according to the national anti-terrorist prosecutor Jean-François Ricard. The attacker, named Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch, was born in Moscow 18 years ago and was a Russian of Chechen origin, Ricard said in a statement to the press in which he reviewed the main elements of the ongoing investigation.

Abdoullakh Abouyezidvitch was killed by the police shortly after carrying out the attack. Another nine people are detained for now, including the author’s parents, grandfather and younger brother (also Chechen refugees), as well as an imam, the father of a student from the educational center where everything happened and another man together with whom they launched a mobilization against the teacher for having shown two satirical cartoons of Muhammad in class. Ricard noted that a stepsister of the offensive’s father joined Daesh in Syria in 2014 and is the subject of a search and arrest warrant.

The imam arrested is a Frenchman of Moroccan origin named Abdel Hakim Sefrioui, known for his fanatical radicalism. According to various police sources, Sefrioui is booked by the security services for having organized the persecution and assassination attempts of other imams who were in favor of dialogue with Catholics and Jews.

The terrorist had a minor police record for events that occurred when he was a minor, but he was not the object of interest on the part of the information services that persecute Islamic radicalism in the country.

France is discovering with great concern the growing presence of very violent Russian Muslims (Chechens), Pakistanis and Turks who are joining jihadists of a more traditional origin such as the Maghreb or other parts of Africa and the Middle East.

France mobilizes to defend its secular school against Islamism

The French Executive mobilized this Saturday to defend its secular public teaching and its model of values ​​against the murder of the professor who showed cartoons of Muhammad in a class on freedom of expression.

“The State will protect teachers,” said the Minister of Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, in a video message after meeting with representatives of teachers and parents of students. The professor “was assassinated for what he embodied: knowledge at the service of the critical spirit” and in favor of the formation “of free citizens,” he added.