Francisco and Cayetano Rivera take the first measure against Isabel Pantoja

A week ago Kiko rivera He made television history by doing his most sincere interview in ‘Cantora: la inheritance poisoned’. Because his lawyers did not allow it, the DJ could not confess what happened that August 2 of this year in Cantora. An event that marked a before and after in the relationship with Isabel Pantoja. However, Jorge Javier Vázquez who found out at that precise moment confessed what happened. Paquirri’s ‘stolen’ belongings were in Cantora. Equipment that once had to be delivered to Francisco and Cayetano Rivera and that on the contrary to this day they have not seen. Thanks to this new secret discovery of the tonadillera, the children of Paquirri are going to take action on the matter to claim what is theirs.

Francisco and Cayetano Rivera in a file image./Gtres

In ‘Saturday Deluxe’, Paloma García-Pelayo has assured that the Rivera brothers have made a strong decision and are going to claim their father’s belongings, Francisco Rivera Paquirri. The journalist explained that they will do so through “a notarial request” that they will request this week in Barbate. He has also said that the formula to recover these assets will be “for good”, although if they appear in Cantora and are not given through this procedure, they do not rule out taking more severe legal action.

Francisco and Cayetano Rivera./Gtres
Francisco and Cayetano Rivera./Gtres

Paloma García Pelayo assures that it is in the hands of Isabel Pantoja if she voluntarily ends all this controversy that does not leave her in a very good place. For his part, Jorge Javier doubts that this will happen, since it would suppose that the tonadillera publicly admitted that she lied to everyone including her ‘little soul’.

Although Kiko Rivera could not confess what was in Cantora’s secret room, he did not prevent the Mediaset star presenter from telling the truth in order to uncover his mother. The DJ feels cheated because, as he himself assures: “I have lived in a lie all my life.” Due to recent events and the estrangement with the artist, the singer has resumed his relationship with Francisco and Cayetano Rivera. In fact, this same week the three of them went together to the Cadiz town of Barbate to have a meeting with their uncle ‘Riverita’.