Francisco Rivera: his funny snack with his daughter, Cayetana Rivera

Francisco Rivera He shared with his followers an image with which he demonstrates one of his abilities. «A day like any other … Hopefully!», The bullfighter wrote next to a video posted on his Instagram account in which he appears skiing. A post that adds more than 40,000 views and hundreds of comments. Among them is Cristina Cifuentes. "What envy!" Wrote the former president of the Community of Madrid. However and without a doubt, the funniest message was that of the right-handed daughter, Cayetana Rivera, fruit of his relationship with Eugenia Martínez de Irujo.

«Fatal Skis», Cayetana wrote in a humorous tone next to the video that his father also left in the section of stories. A message that, in addition to causing laughter among the followers of Francisco Rivera, "Stung" the bullfighter. «A respect girl!», the right-hander commented immediately, generating several ‘likes’. With this word exchange on web 2.0, Father and daughter discouraged, once again, that between them there is a beautiful relationship full of complicity.

Francisco Rivera and his daughter Cayetana Rivera have demonstrated on more than one occasion that between them there is a relationship full of complicity / Gtres

Despite the divorce of Francisco Álvarez and Eugenia Martínez de Irujo and living in different cities, since childhood, Cayetana has been very close and has maintained a close relationship with his father. In addition, they have supported each other and have been present at their most important moments. In fact, the daughter of Eugenia Martínez de Irujo was the godmother of the right-handed wedding with Lourdes Montes.

Pique in the networks and meeting at the house of María Teresa Campos

The "pique" between Francisco and Cayetana Rivera through social networks, occurred on the same day that the 20-year-old was visiting with her mother, Eugenia Martínez de Irujo, and her husband, Narcís Rebollo, the house of María Teresa Campos. A surprise meeting that caught the attention of the reporters who were around, since the journalist and the daughter of the Duchess of Alba have made important headlines in recent days.

Cayetana Rivera
Cayetana Rivera this Wednesday, in front of the house of María Teresa Campos / Gtres

However, the protagonists of the day and architects of this meeting were others. As LOOK has learned, between Francisco Rivera's firstborn and Alejandra Rubio – also present at the meeting – there is a friendship.