Francisco Rivera interviews Mario Vargas Llosa and tells him about his special bond with Isabel Preysler

Francisco Rivera He continues to experience this new facet as an interviewer thanks to the opportunity that ‘Espejo Público’ has given him with his space ‘Rivera y amigos’. This time it was the turn of one of the most important men on the current literary scene: Mario Vargas Llosa. They are both united by a great friendship for a long time and that has been palpable in the talk they have had in an exceptional place. The bullfighter has been invited to ‘Villa Meona’, the spectacular house where Isabel Preysler and her partner live, a place that the right-hander knew well.

Francisco Rivera and Vargas Llosa / Public Mirror

Rivera has surprised everyone by ensuring that he was a guest at a Christmas dinner many years ago. It was at the stage that the socialite was with Miguel Boyer. The reason for this special connection is that the Filipina was a great friend of Francisco Rivera’s parentsHowever, he has confessed that he met her in person when he was with Julio Iglesias. Lourdes Montes’ husband fondly remembers that evening because “it was very fun” and he recognized that Preysler is a great host: “Isabel takes care of all the details and decorations on the table”, awakening the laughs of the Peruvian writer.

Francisco and Mario have also had time to talk about the worrying situation that the country is experiencing with the coronavirus pandemic. The Nobel radiographs the current scenario very well: «Politicians are overwhelmed. They never thought of such a big challenge. Nobody was prepared. We have found that nature was not our instrument and could give us surprises. We do not know when there will be a vaccine or a treatment and we find ourselves defenseless, “he argued.

Vargas Llosa also wanted to emphasize the importance of literature on knowledge: «It is true that more books are published, but less is read. I think that reading is very important and a critical spirit is awakened that is not convinced by manipulation. If you do not learn as a child, then you will not, “he remarked. That’s when Francisco Rivera has confessed to being a good reader despite the fact that books last a long time.

The writer and the collaborator have created a climate of trust as if they were two friends. Vargas Llosa has confessed to being a lover of everyone’s bullfight: «What moves me the most in a bullfight is the complicity between bull and bullfighter. An electrical thing is created. Only those who hate bullfights cannot understand it ». At the same time, he has been interested in knowing when Francisco Rivera made the decision to dedicate himself to bullfighting: «Since I was little. I told my mother when I was 11 years old », the right-hander has counted.