Fundación MAPFRE praises solidarity and the values ​​of society in the pandemic

MAPFRE Foundation launches a television campaign to promote the values ​​of solidarity demonstrated by society during the pandemic and in difficult times. Specifically, its central axis is to raise awareness about the importance of solidarity, and the capacity and power of people when they come together to overcome difficulties together, as we have seen over the past year in the face of the pandemic and we are seeing it now under the current circumstances.

People helping people and working together, identifies very well the work they are doing Fundación MAPFRE for the last 45 years in more than 30 countries around the world. In the last 15 years alone, the Foundation has allocated more than 700 million euros to help more than 60 million people who have benefited from its projects.

With the motto “Building a more humane future” the importance of human values, fundamental to overcome crises and guarantee an innovative and sustainable future, is underlined.

Many of these solidarity projects have been possible thanks to the commitment of the Foundation’s more than 10,000 volunteers, something that is reflected in the magic of this campaign where a volunteer teaches a girl the great importance of helping others.

Why this motto?

Building because Fundación MAPFRE has been committed to society for 45 years.

A future because it has an innovative profile.

More humane because it reflects their DNA: people who care for people

This campaign has been designed by the Tango Agency with the production of PRIMO and directed by Dani Fortuny.