Gabriel Rufián compares the VAR with the Judicial Power and the sticks rain on him

Gabriel Ruffian has starred in a new ridicule on social networks related to the world of football. The ERC deputy in Congress published an unfortunate tweet during Barcelona-Seville complaining about the arbitration. To cry, he had nothing to do but compare the VAR with the Judiciary, an offensive tweet that has generated a torrent of criticism and reproach against him.

“The VAR is to football what the Judiciary is to democracy”Rufián wrote from his personal Twitter account. A real nonsense that a deputy of the Lower House of the Cortes Generales, the constitutional body that represents the Spanish people, thus attacks the Justice of our country and does so without any consequence, of course, since his party is a partner of the social-communist government by Pedro Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias.

Rufián, who probably reproached the referee for not giving Messi a penalty in the duel against Sevilla, tried to ridicule the VAR and Spanish justice, but the reality is that he generated a shower of sticks on social networks towards him. “Independence is to politics what an empty beer can in the yellow bucket”, answered a user. “ERC is to Democracy what ETA is to Doctors without Borders,” another answered. «And you are to politics, what a spontaneous person is to an elite athlete who trains 8 hours every day of the week. A livelihood wanting to make noise, provoke and attract attention, “said another person after his unfortunate and intolerable comment.

A ruffian who a few days ago was also news after being portrayed by Luis Figo in an intersection of tweets: «To be a politician you have to be better informed and produce a little more. I have paid more to the Treasury while sleeping than possibly you awake all your life ».