Garitano sees a LaLiga plot for schedules

The coach of the Basque team, whose team will face this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. I raised In San Mamés, he took advantage of the press conference prior to said meeting to protest the schedules. As noted Gariz Gaizka, LaLiga is repeatedly harming the Athletic with this topic.

"I think it's quite unfair, that a team has to play five days in a row at the worst time there is. We assume that you have to play at that time but would have to distribute a little more. It is the worst time for people, who has to eat. It is not normal, it has never happened. Playing five weeks in a row is something done against us or something that goes against us, of course. Playing one or two may be, but five in a row has neither feet nor head", denounced the Bilbao coach.

Although it is a detrimental schedule for the players, Gaizka Garitano has shown his concern for the fans: "It upsets, but I care more about people, we love people in San Mamés, but at a good time. What a day. I touch you at 2:00 p.m. People assume it. It is the worst time, it is totally unfair to play five times in a row at 2:00 p.m., has never happened. It hurts us a lot, I think it is not good not for sports but for people who go to the countryside".

Like Garitano, Ibai Gómez has protested the schedules that LaLiga is imposing on Athletic

The midfielder of 29 years, very active in his social media profiles, he has used his Twitter account to protest the schedules that LaLiga is imposing on Athletic. Like Gariz Gaizka, although he pulling irony, Ibai Gómez has spoken of his wishes for 2020: "I have already begun to write the letter to Olentzero. As first wishes for 2020 I have asked for a little more rotation of the 14.00 hours games and to be able to live some more LaLiga match with the Athletic that is not at 14.00 hours".