Gerard Piqué slipped Shakira into the presidential box and gave him a touch for bad behavior

Gerard Piqué makes and undoes at will in his Davis Cup. The Barça player placed Shakira in the presidential box midway through the second set of Rafa Nadal against Denis Shapovalov. The president of the Kosmos group He gave his place more focused to his wife and this one say that it did not live up to the circumstances standing just two seats of King Felipe VI.

The singer, who acted before the start of the final and was called, did not seem to be very familiar with the protocol of the presidential box. Shakira began gesturing towards the stands where their children were sending hearts and playing drums fictitiously.

So many gestures they put a Piqué on his nerves and asked him to stop in that behavior Because they were in the box. That was when Shakira calmed down and focused on the game again. The footballer into tennis mogul He took his wife to appear in the picture of the victory in the box, but she did not live up to the circumstances.