Gloria Camila celebrates her 24th birthday with her family

After 12:00 p.m. Jorge Javier Vazquez stopped ‘Survivors’ to congratulate live Gloria Camila for his 24th birthday. This is how Ortega Cano's daughter lived her first minutes of celebration on the set of the Telecinco, surrounded by cameras and right in front of his public enemy: Sofia Suescun. Although his first contact with his ‘almost quarter of a century’ was not the most desired, Gloria Camila knew that he had a whole day ahead to enjoy his day.

And so it has been. As she herself has posted on Instagram, Rocío Jurado's daughter has dawned with a very unique surprise. David, the young man with whom he has given a folder to Kiko Jimenez, has made your day start in the best way.


Pink balloons, a box full of chocolates and lots of love. This has been the awakening of Gloria Camila by her boy, who also shared a snapshot of his girlfriend's moment in bed and covering her face. That same photograph was also published by the bullfighter's daughter on her Instagram with a blunt 'I love you'.

However, that has not been the only celebration. His father José Ortega Cano and the rest of the family have also wanted to celebrate the birthday of the young woman. The chosen place has been the family house located in the Aldea del Freso urbanization. There it has been seen how Ortega Cano with his brother-in-law and faithful companion Aniceto, entered with big balloons in the car. Later did the protagonist of the day, Gloria Camila.

Gloria Camila
Gloria Camila with her father Ortega Cano in a file image / Gtres

Without a doubt, this is one of the most special birthdays for Gloria Camila. Since he decided to put an end to his long relationship with Kiko Jiménez, the young woman seems to have regained her essence. However, at this party you will not have the presence of one of the most important people in your life: Dew Flowers. It is already known that aunt and niece have shown to have a very close relationship so their absence will be notable for the influencer.

After the quiet family celebration, waiting for Gloria Camila to own the night as she has done in previous years. In fact, last year even his father Ortega Cano was encouraged to dance to the music of ‘Oh my club’. What will be the surprise of this 2020?