Gloria Camila takes center stage in the visit to the finalists

The atmosphere is heated in the final stretch of ‘Survivors’ and not exactly among the contestants. The possible discord comes between the family and from the hand of Gloria Camila, according to Look. The reason: who goes to see Ana María Aldón before the final is played on June 4.

For 3 months, her stepdaughter has been her advocate on set And, although she was questioned at first for her lukewarm shield, sometimes non-existent and more prone to her niece Rocío Flores, it was Aldón herself who agreed with her to be his voice in the galas before traveling to Honduras. The appearance of Gema, the oldest daughter of Ana María, in ‘Deluxe’ this Saturday, a program to which she granted her first interview, changed the map of support for Ortega Cano’s wife. Her daughter defended her tooth and nail. The collaborators wanted to know their opinion about the defense that Gloria has made in these 13 weeks and to the surprise of many replied that it seemed “good”, despite the videos showing that Ortega’s daughter defended Aldón fairly, especially at the beginning; then, once questioned, he put more effort into it.

Gloria Camila and Gema Aldón, collateral protagonists of ‘Survivors’ / GTRES

The magazine ct Lecturas ’published that they both discussed the defense of gangs. Neither Ana María’s family Gema herself was not exactly happy with the role of GloriaHowever, the interviewee did not recognize him.

Gema Aldón maintains a cordial relationship with Gloria and he prefers not to tighten the rope, much less in the absence of his mother, as this digital has learned. The criticisms that publicly transcended via telephone recording, a few weeks into the contest, of some members of the Ortega Cano family to the Sanluqueña still resonate. However, this Tuesday Gema cared a lot for her mother when he saw his reaction when he arrived at Madrid Barajas Adolfo Suárez airport. Ana María burst into tears upon hearing from a reporter that his daughter had gone to ‘Deluxe’ on Saturday night.

No one knows if it was the nerves, the excitement of the arrival, the extreme situation that was found, she and the rest of the contestants, when landing in Spain on full health alert, with mandatory security measures, people with masks and distances imposed, what made him lose control. Maybe you thought about the reason for your daughter in ‘Deluxe’? What would have happened? Weren’t they defending her well? Her 24-year-old daughter she asked not to be abandoned in the call she had via Skype with her husband, the teacher Ortega Cano, lives in Sanlúcar and has a two-year-old little girl. The point is that The young woman worried when she saw her mother like that.

Set of 'Survivors' / Instagram
Set of ‘Survivors’ / Instagram

The next day, he receives a call from the contest producer in which they propose to go see her at the house where they have installed to the contestants on their return from Honduras, located about 25 km from Madrid. I knowAs confirmed by Look, Gema Aldón speaks to Gloria Camila and tells him the proposal. He wanted to know his opinion. He does not know the medium, in fact, the first time he set foot on a set was precisely in the interview last Saturday. They talked to each other and although it is unknown on what terms, this digital has been able to confirm that it is Gloria who finally runs to go in place of Gema, to avoid, among other reasons, that they could create the curiosity of being photographed together.

It would be planned, on the other hand, according to sources close to the producer, that Ortega Cano’s daughter come to the house to see Rocío Flores, to whom, as Look advanced, he sent a letter of support to the island and that they did not finally deliver, at least publicly. The relationship with his niece is very close, “like my sister”, in the words of Gloria Camila herself. It is not his defendant, but it is his beloved niece. The roles are changed and Gema will be on set this Thursday. She is wishing she could talk to her mother.

If he is going to set to defend his mother, then Gloria, who will he support in the house? The same does double. Double star: Aunt and stepdaughter. The atmosphere heats up. We will be very pending.