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The head of Parliament, Juan Guaidó, recognized as interim president of Venezuela by almost 60 countries, announced on Sunday the suspension of their responsibilities to a group of opposition deputies who are allegedly involved in a corruption case.

In a press conference, the opposition leader reported on the start of a thorough investigation with NGOs and the press, given the "precariousness of Venezuelan institutions" that he accuses of being "usurped" by the ruling Chavism.

However, the suspension of responsibilities does not mean that you have withdrawn your investiture as legislators

Guaidó expressed his rejection of the alleged efforts that would have made a group of deputies to help businessmen allegedly linked to chavismo accused of corruption.

Information about this new case was published by the portal, to which Guaidó thanked his work.

According, a group of deputies coordinated by Luis Parra, of Primera Justicia (PJ), they would have delivered to the Colombian Prosecutor a letter "of good conduct in favor of those responsible for the negotiations on imports for the CLAP combos (subsidized food program of the Government indicated corruption)".

The objective, said the medium, was "that these organisms absolve or stop investigating to entrepreneurs like Carlos Lizcano, junior of those already sanctioned Alex Saab and Álvaro Polished", who supposedly run the CLAP business.

The deputies indicated by this case are Luis Parra, alleged group coordinator; Adolfo Superlano, Jose Brito from the First Justice opposition party (PJ); Conrado Pérez Linares, Emilio Fajardo, also from PJ, Richard Arteaga and Guillermo Lights, of Popular Will (VP); and Chaim Bucaram, Hector Vargas and William Barrientos, from A New Time (UNT).

It is also linked to the president of the Comptroller's Committee, Freddy Superlano.

Therefore, Guaido announced the "intervention and immediate restructuring of the commission … to make and open the relevant investigations" and "suspend the deputies involved in these accusations of all responsibilities in the national parliament."

Parliamentary immunity

However, he explained, that according to Parliament's regulations they will only cease to be deputies once the parliamentary immunity and that will depend on the result of the investigations that are carried out.

Guaidó also decreed the "invalidity of any document that has been submitted for investigation that has been issued regularly or irregularly by the Commission of Contaloria of the Parliament ".

He also informed about the actions he will take as interim president and said that his Foreign Commissioner, Julio Borges, will present the case to the countries that will meet on Tuesday in Bogotá with the members of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (a military assistance treaty).

He also denounced that this fact has to do with a supposed Chavista government conspiracy "ahead of January 5" next when a new president of Parliament must be elected, and for which some deputies such as José Guerra have denounced that they are trying to "buy" opposition legislators.