Hakubi Shin

editHakubi Shin  
清ハクビ Shin Hakubi
Novel Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy
Appears in Novel
Sex Male
  • Missing-nin
  • Konohagakure
Nature Type
  • Lightning Release

Hakubi Shin (清ハクビ, Shin Hakubi) is a missing-nin originally from Konohagakure.


During his time as a Konoha-nin, Hakubi gained recognition as a “special” ninja with decent skills. However, he had the bad habit of stealing while on missions, for which reason he was expelled from the village. Afterwards, he started taking contract work from whoever would hire him. At some point, he heard that Kakashi Hatake lost his Sharingan.


Hakubi’s specialty is coating shuriken with lightning chakra, making them undetectable once thrown. He can furthermore control the shuriken remotely, directing them to his target’s blindspots in order to kill them without them ever noticing his presence.

New Era

Kakashi Retsuden: The Sixth Hokage and the Failure Boy

Hakubi is one of fifty ninja hired by the Prime Minister of the Land of Redaku to carry out an invasion of the Land of Fire. While he’s in Redaku’s capital city preparing for the invasion, he comes across a young girl trying to trade a valuable blue gem for some drinkable water. Hakubi roughs her up and steals the blue gem.

The invading army is sent to Nagare Village, where they will complete final preparations before finally invading the Land of Fire. One night, their encampment is attacked by an unknown intruder who is able to quickly incapacitate dozens of ninja. Hakubi climbs a nearby tree to survey the situation and recognizes the attacker as Kakashi Hatake. Because Kakashi was Konoha’s Sixth Hokage, Hakubi decides that killing Kakashi would be an excellent way to take revenge against the village for expelling him years earlier. While Kakashi is engaged in combat, Hakubi launches a volley of shuriken at him, guiding them to the back of his neck. Kakashi not only dodges the shuriken, but is quickly able to trace their origin to Hakubi’s hiding spot.

Hakubi leaves his hiding spot and goes to meet Kakashi, by which time Kakashi has defeated all of the other ninja. Kakashi recognizes Hakubi and asks why he would come all the way to the Land of Redaku. Overwhelmed with hatred, Hakubi immediately moves to one of Kakashi’s blindspots to attack with shuriken again; from watching Kakashi fight, he noticed Kakashi didn’t use ninjutsu, leading him to believe that Kakashi is out of chakra. As he starts throwing shuriken, he asks why Kakashi continues to cover his left eye, as he’s already heard the rumors that Kakashi no longer has a Sharingan. Kakashi responds by dodging all of the shuriken and then uncovering his eye, which Hakubi sees to be a Sharingan.

To Hakubi, having the Sharingan explains why Kakashi is able to dodge all of his attacks, and so he concludes that the rumors he heard were wrong. He nevertheless persists in his attack, but Kakashi continues deflecting the shuriken, eventually getting close enough to punch Hakubi in the stomach and knock him out. Afterwards, the Sharingan disappears from Kakashi’s eye, its appearance the result of a genjutsu. Kakashi searches Hakubi’s body and finds an number of jewels he’s stolen since coming to Redaku, including the blue gem he took from the girl; he confiscates these. After the invasion is called off and the Prime Minister is imprisoned, Hakubi is sent back to Konoha to be dealt with.

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