Half a hundred denounced during a macro-rampage in the Cañada Real

While the National Police dismantled in another operation to the drug clan of ‘Los Kikos’, the Municipal Police and units of National Police They have surrounded the Cañada Real Galiana, the largest drug trafficking supermarket in Spain, in a macro-network that has resulted in 45 people being reported and four arrested for all kinds of crimes.

The operation took place in sector 6 of La Cañada, an area populated by more than three thousand people that belongs to the Vallecas district. It is the “hardest” area of ​​the Cañada Real, where a large part of the traffic of drug addicts is concentrated in search of their doses. There the ‘cundas’, private cars that in exchange for five euros transport drug addicts from Madrid to the points of sale in La Cañada, were returning to activity after almost disappearing during the months of confinement.

Precisely the ‘cundas’ were one of the objectives of the 200 municipal police officers deployed in the raid that took place at dawn, as can be seen in these images from OKDIARIO. The policemen were looking for the ‘cunderos’, but they also persecuted the small traffic of narcotics and the control of vehicles whose drivers were under the influence of drugs.

Thus, they have arrested four people for drug trafficking offenses, illegal possession of weapons and for various legal claims. The police officers also surprised and fined 29 more people for consumption and possession of narcotic substances.

The bulk of the interventions focused on the dangerous traffic of vehicles that circulate in the area, many of them driven by drug addicts who in exchange for drugs or small amounts of money put cars in their name to transport people or merchandise. More than 35 vehicles were removed by the tow truck and a report was opened against another person for a crime against road safety.

Violations of the current regulations to combat Covid were also numerous and the police denounced 45 people for not wearing the mandatory mask. All in one operation in which three hundred people were identified and they were almost controlled two hundred vehicles with the help of the helicopter of the National Police and the support of the immigration unit of the National Police.