Harald from Norway receives hospital discharge after a week admitted

Good news for the Norwegian Royal Family. After a week admitted to a hospital in Oslo, today finally the king harald He has been discharged. This has been confirmed by the Royal House in a statement in which it states that the monarch has left the clinical center this morning.

Although the sovereign is already resting in his residence, it is not expected that he will resume his official activity for now, but that Prince Haakon will remain as regent for at least another week, say official sources.

Haakon and Mette Marit in a file image / Gtres

It was on January 8 when the Royal House reported on King Harald's admission to a hospital in Oslo because of dizziness, which is why Prince Haakon would assume the regency during his stay at the clinic. Nevertheless, it has been insisted from the beginning that his condition was not serious. However, this has been the second entry of the monarch in recent times, as he also had to be hospitalized because of a viral infection that prevented him from presiding over the Kingdom Council To this we must add that the Norwegian Royal Family has gone through hard times after the recent death of Ari Behn, ex-husband of Marta Luisa, who committed suicide on Christmas Day and has been able to affect the state of the King.

Ari behn
King Harald of Norway with Queen Sonia in a file image / Gtres

Although in recent days there has been much talk about the possibility of the resignation of the throne by the monarch, it should not be forgotten that Harald said not long ago that he intended to remain on the throne until his death, since, unlike In other countries, there is no tradition of abdication in Norway. We hope to see him very soon taking up his duties as head of the House.