Harmony in Gold

Harmony in Gold” (黄金のハーモニー, Ōgon no Hāmonī) is episode 153 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Teams 5 and 15 are on a joint mission pursuing bandits. They can’t agree on a course of action, so Tsubaki acts on her own, defeating most of them, but her actions allow their leader to escape, requiring Team 5 to continue the chase. Later, her team-mates ask her why she didn’t use her full power, allowing Team 5 to take credit for the mission. She claims her Secret Sword: Snowstorm Beheading hasn’t been working well lately. When the two teams meet up again, there is tension between them. Denki tries to defuse the situation, and shows them their compiled statistics on his computer, pointing out Tsubaki’s are beyond a typical genin’s. However, when tracking their stats as a team, Team 15’s performance has dropped since Tsubaki joined. Tsubaki takes upon herself to make her team beat Team 5’s scores, by competing within the team itself during missions. Having performed ahead of her team-mates in their next mission, Tsubaki is treated to a mountain of fries. Hanabi notices her team’s increased competitiveness through their next missions. When guarding a merchant, they get so focused on catching the bandits after them they leave him unprotected, requiring Hanabi to save him from other bandits of the group. Hanabi informs them that due to their failure, they won’t participate on their next schedule mission with Team 5.

Tsubaki writes to her mother. While eating fries at the Lightning Burger, she is approached by Boruto, who is concerned by her only eating fries, and explains the strength of the place is the meal deal. He encourages to try other foods to appreciate how good each of them are. She is taken aback by how each food elevates the other. Tsubaki finds Wasabi and Namida training by the edge of the forest, and they hear groans coming from it. They find the hunter from the mission they’d have shared with Team 5 tied up. The hunter explains he was attacked on the way to Konohagakure, and Team 15 informs the police. The man impersonating the hunter for Team 5 is the brother of the bandit they caught in their mission with Team 15. They attack Team 5, but Team 15 arrives to help them, informing them reinforcements are on the way. During the fight, Tsubaki notices how each member of Team 5 covers one another’s weak points while bringing out their strengths, which she likens to how the food combos Boruto showed her. Some of the bandits retreat, so Denki asks Team 15 to give chase. More bandits corner Team 15, and Tsubaki understand they must improve their team-work. Tsubaki asks Wasabi for a smokescreen, which allows her to get in the middle of the bandits for her kenjutsu. It takes much of her energy, so Namida has to hit the retreating bandit leader with her Calling on Tears Technique, allowing Wasabi to capture him. Tsubaki passes out from chakra exhaustion.


Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji
Tsubaki Kurogane Juri Nagatsuma 長妻 樹里 Nagatsuma Juri
Wasabi Izuno Natsumi Yamada 山田 奈都美 Yamada Natsumi
Namida Suzumeno Sara Matsumoto 松本 沙羅 Matsumoto Sara
Hanabi Hyūga Kiyomi Asai 浅井 清己 Asai Kiyomi
Boruto Uzumaki Yuko Sanpei 三瓶 由布子 Sanpei Yūko
Sarada Uchiha Kokoro Kikuchi 菊池 こころ Kikuchi Kokoro
Iwabee Yuino Shinya Hamazoe 浜添 伸也 Hamazoe Shin’ya
Denki Kaminarimon Chihiro Ikki 一木 千洋 Ikki Chihiro
Metal Lee Ryo Nishitani 西谷 亮 Nishitani Ryō
Bandit boss – older and younger brothers Kosuke Katayama 片山 公輔 Katayama Kōsuke
Bandits Katsunori Okai
Hirokazu Sekido
Yo Tokinaga
岡井 カツノリ
関戸 博一
時永 洋
Okai Katsunori
Sekido Hirokazu
Tokinaga Yō
Merchant Daichi Fujiwara 藤原 大智 Fujiwara Daichi
Villager Kazuya Saji 佐治 和也 Saji Kazuya

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