Harry: Kate and Guillermo’s unexpected snub on their birthday

Last day 15 the prince harry turned 36 years old. For the youngest son of Carlos of England this was his first birthday away from the Windsor clan, in a new environment that has nothing to do with what he was used to until now. The Duke of Sussex has been able to enjoy a private celebration in the company of his inner circle, with Meghan Markle, his son Archie and his mother-in-law, Doria Ragland. However, as it has transpired, Harry has had a virtual parallel ‘party’ with his paternal family.

A meeting through Zoom organized by Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth who is increasingly assiduous to new technologies. The monarch did not want to miss the opportunity to congratulate her favorite grandson live and see little Archie, whom she has hardly seen since his christening. An emotional meeting in which Harry told them how much he missed them and in which Carlos was especially happy, since Archie called him ‘pa’.

Although the meeting was attended by both the Queen and Carlos and Camilla, the truth is that Kate and Guillermo were not present. A gesture that may indicate that there is still a certain tension between the brothers, who have maintained certain differences since the Sussexes announced their desire to stop being active members of “The Firm”.

There is some tension between the brothers since the Sussexes announced their intention to leave the Royal Family / Gtres

However, the Cambridge did not forget to congratulate Prince Harry on his birthday through his official profile on social networks, with a beautiful image in which he appeared in the Duke of Sussex with Kate and William – without Meghan-. Sources consulted by the tabloid “The Mirror” assure that the Cambridges apologized for their absence, but despite this, it was somewhat uncomfortable that they did not participate.

For the meeting, Meghan Markle was busy baking a cake and Harry blew out the candles in front of his family with the help of Archie, who became the absolute protagonist of the meeting.

It is expected that in a few days the Sussexes will participate in their first television space after signing the agreement with Netflix that, according to some sources, has been a real headache for the Royal Family. For this appearance, the couple has asked to be introduced as ‘Harry and Meghan’, leaving aside their title of Dukes of Sussex, to avoid thinking that they take advantage of a condition they renounced when they stopped representing to the Crown.