He falls from a third floor trying to get back to the party he had been at

A man from Granada remains admitted to the hospital after falling from a third floor when he was trying to access a party through the facade that he had abandoned a few minutes ago. According to the Efe Agency, the man returned to the party believing that he had forgotten the keys to his house inside, and decided to access the apartment through the facade.

The events occurred in the well-known Granada neighborhood of La Chana. The Local Police had a warning from some neighbors who heard, first the fall, and subsequently the victim’s screams of pain. The event was recorded last Sunday, when the individual wanted to re-enter the third floor where he had been partying. Apparently no one answered the bell, so he decided to use the bars of the building to try to get to the third floor.

According to the authorities’ version, the man belonged to a party that was closed the night before due to the noise they were making on the street, and the neighbors reportedly reported to the police.

The victim was transferred to Traumatology Hospital from the capital of Granada where he was treated for a fracture, and was later transferred to the Virgen de las Nieves Hospital where he remains hospitalized stable.