Her ex-husband does not regret slapping her

J.K. Rowling returns to the front pages of the British media. After a controversy with trans women, he now becomes a victim of an abusive husband. The writer’s story goes beyond the science fiction of Harry Potter, this single mother who wrote in cafes to take advantage of the internet and have heating, hides a very dark past. Her successful book led her to live in a castle, but the traumas of the past and the traces of that life are not forgotten, they are still present and end up being the cover of ‘The Sun’.

The controversial interview with the ex-husband of J.K. Rowling impacts British society

‘The Sun’ has published an interview with JK Rowling’s ex-husband under the headline: «I slapped JK and I’m not sorry. These words have made a great impact on British society. The image of the Harry Potter writer has come down. These harsh statements have made several personalities react, gender violence should not occupy the front page of the news.

SNP’s Gillian Martin MSP wrote on her Twitter: “The headline in the Sun citing JK Rowling’s abusive ex-husband is beyond teasing many survivors of abuse and allowing abusers. It is irresponsible and dangerous. I could cry for the way women are treated by the tabloid press, still in 2020 ”.

Comments that are aimed at giving rise to misogyny and a man who seems willing to do anything to continue living on his ex-wife. J.K. Rowling has her past very present. You have recently recognized that have suffered abuse and domestic violence, before his ex-husband made it public and, furthermore, he did not regret it. The writer’s drama could be part of one of her novels, but unfortunately it is real and very sad.