Her father reveals the ‘secret code’ between Aless and her sister Ginevra

Almost half a year has passed since Ana Obregón and Alessandro Lequio faced one of the most difficult moments of their lives. On May 13, Aless Lequio died in Barcelona after an intense and courageous fight against cancer. Since then, there have been numerous posts that both his mother and father have shared through social networks to remember the businessman. A few days ago, Ana Obregón published an image of the place where she is taking refuge in this difficult moment. A place in which, according to the actress, she is trying to find “peace in this journey towards myself”. Along with an image in which she was seen from the back surrounded by nature, Ana explained the reasons that led her to start this retreat.

Shortly after the actress published this photograph, it has now been Alessandro Lequio who has publicly remembered her son. The count has shared an endearing photograph of Aless with his daughter on his Instagram profile Ginevra Ena, which he called ‘his little criminal’ and has written the following text: «12/9/2018 Aless and the little criminal …», the Italian shared with the photograph. A snapshot in which Aless holds Ginevra in his arms, showing a huge happy smile. The image has generated countless comments of affection towards the family.

Aless Lequio with his sister Ginevra in the image that his father has shared on social networks / Instagram

In these difficult moments, Alessandro has relied a lot on his daughter Ginevra, in addition to his wife María Palacios, but he has also been very aware of Ana Obregón. At four years old, Ginevra is one of the great joys for the Italian and with her we saw her last summer resting on the Galician coasts. However, the last few days have been even more complicated for Lequio due to a controversy with his eldest son, Clemente, for a comment through social networks.

Last week, Clemente Lequio published an image in a bathing suit on his profile and his father was one of the first to comment on it: “honey, get in shape. ‘Mens sana in corpore sana’ “. Some words that have not gone unnoticed neither by the followers of the young man nor by Clemente himself, who, through the stories on his profile, criticized those who looked at his physique in the complicated circumstances that were being experienced at the moment: “yes I’m a little fat, but I don’t care ”, said Antonia Dell ‘Atte’s son. “I wanted to dedicate a minute of silence to all these people who tell me that I am fat. People who think that after what we are living in the world, that the body is more important and being fit instead of being able to work and being able to bring bread to eat for their family ”, explained the young man in his stories. For now, Alessandro Lequio has preferred not to comment on this little disagreement with his eldest son.