her son Augusto Algueró, the wall that separates her from the world

Since April 2015, Carmen Sevilla it is cut off from the world. The emblematic actress, singer and television presenter was admitted to a residence in the Spanish capital Alzheimer’s victim. Since then, and despite the numerous insistence of some of her closest friends and family, only two people have been able to approach her: her son, Augusto Algueró and his great friend Moncho ferrer. The rest are content to live with the memory of who was a symbol of our history.

The actress Carmen Sevilla with her son Augusto Algueró during his 79th birthday / Gtres

The walls of the Sanyres de Aravaca residence are the only witnesses to Carmen Sevilla’s state of health. Many are the voices that have been raised to be able to be with your friend and family member and share – in some way – their vital state. Voices like that of José Manuel Parada, Norma Duval or your own sister-in-law Carmen Clavijo Hernández, the wife of the artist’s brother, Pepe García Galisteo, who point to Augusto Algueró JR as the main wall that prevents them from visiting their friend.

Carmen Sevilla with José Manuel Parada / Gtres
Carmen Sevilla with José Manuel Parada / Gtres

This media has been able to speak with José Manuel Parada who has given up in his fight. “I give up on the subject. I no longer ask to go see her. I do not insist morebut I still worry about her. I call Moncho and he tells me how he is. I know that it is cared for and cared for “.

The one who was the presenter of ‘Cine de barrio’ has wanted to make it clear that oblivion is his friend and that he only remembers the good times with Seville. “At one point she didn’t seem like a good friend to me, but she apologized and I forgave her. She kept that I had hurt her and I would like to give her a hug and that it was calm ”. A declaration of intent that does not seem to be fulfilled.

José Manuel Parada was not the only one. In October 2018, Norma Duval used the microphones of the press to make a public appealor explicit to the son of Carmen Sevilla. Very excited, she sent a message with a clear sender: “In 2015, I asked his son Augusto to let me see his mother, because I want to say goodbye to her and I have no answer. From here I make an appeal to say goodbye to Carmen Sevilla. I want to hug her again. I don’t want to say goodbye in front of a coffin. Thanks for spreading it. Many thanks”.

Norma Duval during a ceremony to mark the "Caregiver Day" where he appealed to the son of Carmen Sevilla / Gtres
Norma Duval during a ceremony on the occasion of “Caregiver’s Day” where she appealed to the son of Carmen Sevilla / Gtres

However, the current response of the star has drawn the attention of this digital. Put in contact with her, Norma Duval has slammed the door in response. I don’t want to talk about this topic. I’m not going to say anything at all.

An attitude far removed from the previous ones that can have several interpretations. Is it due to the influence of Augusto Algueró to keep his mother isolated? Or has Norma got tired of continuing to sue without getting any answer?

But if your professional friends can’t do anything, some of your family members can’t either. In 2015 it was her sister-in-law, Carmen Clavijo Hernández, who, tired of being silent, recounted the ordeal her husband was in-Parkinson’s disease- and the inability to carry out a meeting between the two brothers. His words were picked up by the digital Chance:

“We have not been able to go to the residence and that is because his son Augusto does not consent to it. “We found out from the press that he was at the residence.”

Carmen Sevilla with one of her most characteristic outfits / Gtres
Carmen Sevilla with one of her most characteristic outfits / Gtres

All these cases are added to the interview that his friend and head designer, Manu sanchez, granted to the Semana Magazine where he also pointed out Augusto Algueró as the main person responsible for the impossibility of exhibiting the artist’s costumes – made by him – on his 20th anniversary as a dressmaker.

“It couldn’t be because his son didn’t want to let them. At first he said yes, but then he stopped answering me. It has made me very sad. She would have loved for me to expose them “, says the designer.

This year, on her 90th birthday, Carmen will once again blow out the candles with just two guests.