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The former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa will go to the Inter-American System of Justice to appeal the conviction for the case “Bribes 2012-2016” that, according to a complaint in an interview with Efe, is “incongruous” and was decided by a court of “handpicked judges.”

Five days after a Court of Cassation endorsed the sentence of eight years in prison, and another as many of political disqualification, the former president considers that his country has succumbed to the “judicialization of politics” and processes that “violate Latin American jurisprudence.” .

At 57 years old, with the doors of politics closed in the face of the 2021 elections and countless cases still open, Correa accuses his successor, Lenín Moreno, of being a “puppet” in the hands of “wolves” who they want to “loot” Ecuador again. Nor does he forget to target the media.

Mr. Correa, you have exhausted the national instances. Are you planning to go to the Inter-American System?

What a remedy if all the doors are closed nationwide. They issued an express sentence with the clear objective of preventing me from participating in the elections and registering my candidacy on September 18.

If we had had honest judges, they would not have been willing to rush the appeal. An appeal lasts at least one year. It has been the shortest appeal in the recent history of Ecuador!

In the past you have expressed serious reservations against that System. What do you expect now from the Inter-American Court, do you believe in it?

In court yes. But we are talking about the Court, not about anything else. There are journalists who speak of “hypocrisy” because I am a critic of the Inter-American System, and I continue to be.

The Inter-American System is two-headed, which presents many problems: it has the Inter-American Commission as the admissions chamber for the processes that go to the Court, where there are already judges whose sentences have mandatory power over the States.

For me, it is a distortion and we have to go to a single-headed system like the European one. So I am left with my criticisms. The Court is something else but, necessarily, the process begins with the Inter-American Commission. Also, we don’t have any more resources.

Do you aspire to reopen the entire case?

Everything! I know I have nothing to do with bribes. There we can review the background and show that there have never been bribes, that the president has never had anything to do with it, that the $ 6,000 (which they presented as evidence) was a loan deposited in a state bank that came from a recognized fund of the Presidency.

We have an international expert opinion that shows that the files on which the entire accusation is based, the so-called “Green Rice” files, were manipulated until 2018 and planted in the computer of Laura Terán (accused and witness) where, supposedly, they were later found. of a raid on the Presidency’s computer. And they did not accept it as untimely.

So, I think that all of this can be reviewed, in addition to all the vices of the process itself: the incongruity that they accused me of A and condemned me for B.

An international expert opinion shows that the files on which the entire accusation is based were manipulated

What do you mean?

First we go to the fundamentals: there is no crime there. At least not the crime of “bribery”. There is an abusive advisor (Pamela Martínez, defendant and witness), who does have illicit enrichment and started a company behind my back. But even she hasn’t acknowledged bribes because they don’t exist.

For that to qualify as a bribe, she had to have the ability to offer the contract, and she hasn’t. What she has done is sell favors, influence peddling.

They grab a person like this, dishonest, with a crime “A” and say: “Look, we are going to accuse you of crime B to include this person. We give you only 6 months, but if you do not accept we will send you 20 years Prey to you, your husband and your brother, because they all worked in his company. We give you only 6 months but if you involve Correa, the (former vice president) Jorge Glas “.

So they have done with Lula Da Silva, Evo Morales … with everyone.

But you were convicted as a “perpetrator by instigation.”

It is an incongruity: The original theory of the Prosecutor’s Office was “mediated author by hierarchical power structure”, that is, it did not have to be in the day to day. Like the mafia, only in the mafia the operator knows that they will kill him if he does not comply.

And as a result of a report by a German expert that we asked, as everything is intervened and surely they found out, they condemn me as a mediate perpetrator at instigation through psychic influence.

That is called incongruity. It cannot be that they accuse one of “A” and condemn him for “B”. They violate the right to defense.

What was there then?

I am not an expert in law, but it would perhaps be “collusion”. But not even like that, because Martínez did not have that capacity. It is, at the most, influence peddling: hire me and I will arrange for you to be paid faster; questions like that.

Another problem is that bribery is a two-way crime: there is a bribe and a bribe. For the crime to take place, influence is required over both, not just one. So, it is a monstrosity at the legal level.

What hopes do they have in the Inter-American Court? It’s a long process…

The average in the Inter-American System is six years in the Commission and two in the Court. We are talking about 8 years, that is the problem. It is a race against time but anything can happen, also in the short term.

Everyone tells me that this is going to collapse internationally, but meanwhile they continue to persecute people, they continue to prevent me from participating in elections in the hope of winning the next ones and continuing to loot the country.

They do a lot of damage, but I have faith that something so ridiculous cannot be sustained for long. They are betting on the short term, to remain in power, erase all evidence and finish looting the country.

Who are they”? Until now he used to complain about his successor, Lenín Moreno.

Moreno is a puppet. He opened the cages for the wolves to come out. But the ones who are destroying everything are those wolves. So, Moreno lent himself to betrayal, but the key here, the breaking point to lose all rule of law, was the popular consultation of February 2018.

We fell short when we said at the time that this was unconstitutional: they were going to take over all the state estates. Trujillo came (president in charge of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control) and declared himself emperor!

Not only did he comply with what the unconstitutional consultation already said, evaluating the officials appointed by the Council, but he replaced him by finger and later organized crafty contests.

They bet on the short term, to remain in power, erase all evidence and finish looting the country

But who are his “wolves”?

The entire party. In Europe the Latin American reality is not understood. In Latin America, politics is a way of life for some, political parties are made and then sold, so there are people who profit. There are people who make a living from that, from “politics as business.”

That was the practice that ended with me, and that’s why they called me “authoritarian.” Moreno came, distributed the entire state again, and they called it the “great national dialogue.” Pure hypocrisy!

So, there is the party, which with me lost its privileges, and there is the media. In South America, and in Latin America in general, the press pays for this hatred, it pays for these extremist groups because they believe us their adversaries, their enemies.

The judges?

Unfortunately, banal judges adapt to the political situation and, all of this, goes against Latin American jurisprudence, which also says that one has to be judged by permanent judges, because a temporary judge makes merits so that the current power gives stability. There is a terrible conflict of interest. And I have been judged by hand-picked, temporary judges.

There is no rule of law, there is no independent judicial system. The judicialization of politics, the constitutional break at every moment, the overflow of hatred, and using Justice as revenge, with that everything is destroyed, not only democracy, but also civilization itself.