He’s Bad News (volume)

He’s Bad News
(ヤバイ野郎, Yabai Yarō)
Volume Info
Previous It’s Up to You
Volume 10
Next The New Team 7
Pages 176
Release Date
Japanese January 04, 2020 (ISBN 978-4-08-882193-1)
English February 02, 2021 (ISBN 978-1-9747-1869-6)
Tasuki • Hariko

He’s Bad News (ヤバイ野郎, Yabai Yarō) is volume 10 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga.

Chapter 36

Surprise Attack…!!” (急襲…!!, Kyūshū…!!)

Boruto’s body freezes up while going through the trees, causing him to fall, to his and Mitsuki’s confusion. Mitsuki notices the Kāma activating in Boruto’s hand. As it has only activated while in battle or around Kawaki, they surmise something’s happened to him. At Naruto’s home, Kawaki continues searching for the missing vase fragment. Naruto points out it’s probably useless since Hinata cleans everyday, and considers the vase pretty much fixed. Kawaki points out the vase still leaks, and that comments like that are why Boruto yells at him. Inojin and Shikadai discuss Kawaki’s trustworthiness while playing cards, noting how their parents feel about him. Shikadai personally likes that Kawaki is a straight shooter. Sakura buys flowers from Ino, who deduces Sasuke is coming home. Sarada arrives and asks her mother about the seal on her forehead and the Creation Rebirth. Koji continues to spy on Kawaki through his toad’s eyes. He finds it strange that Jigen hasn’t acted after finding out Boruto has a Kāma through Delta. Unable to find the missing fragment, Kawaki decides to fill the hole with glue. Hinata and Himawari leave to shop for dinner. Kawaki notices his Kāma activating. Sakura finishes explaining how the seal and Creation Rebirth work, and Sarada points out Naruto has already explained that to her and asks about its similarity to Kāma. She says that according to Tsunade, the seal is an old jutsu that exists since the days of the Sage of Six Paths.

Sakura needs to go grocery shopping and asks Sarada to take the flowers home, getting her excited her father is coming home. Ino suddenly feels shaken and almost collapses upon detecting an incredibly sinister chakra near Naruto. Meanwhile, Naruto and Koji notice Kawaki’s struggle with his Kāma. It releases a mass of chakra, forming a portal through which Jigen appears. Koji is puzzled by Jigen’s order for a mission to retrieve Kawaki if that had been an option all along. Jigen notices Koji’s toad, which Koji immediately incinerates. He thought he was gauging Jigen’s motives, while it was Jigen gauging his. Ino determines the chakra she detected must be the enemy after Kawaki, so she immediately contacts Naruto. Naruto tells her that he again wants to confront the enemy one on one, but this time Ino moves to have the police force on standby for him. Jigen apologises for entering his home without taking off his shoes. He wants no confrontation, only to take Kawaki back. Naruto moves to attack him but is kicked back and pinned down with four rods. Jigen threatens Kawaki. Sarada lies to her mother, saying she’s going home, but rushes to Naruto’s house. Kawaki tells Jigen to remove his Kāma. Naruto notices the rods are draining his chakra, Kurama berates him for taking so long to get up, and Naruto activates his chakra mode. Jigen tries to convince Kawaki the right hand they gave him is a monitoring device, no different than the Kāma. Kawaki denounces it, saying he and Naruto are completely different. Jigen continues to berate him. Mitsuki notices Boruto’s Kāma is spreading more, Shikadai and Inojin notice them rushing. Jigen says he’s the only one who truly does anything for Kawaki’s sake. Kawaki grows furious with Jigen disparaging Naruto, his Kāma continues to spread, and he manifests a horn, much to Jigen’s surprise. Naruto kicks Jigen aside and checks on Kawaki, disapproving of Jigen’s brand of discipline. Jigen stands up, now determine to exterminate Naruto over his interference, and activates his Kāma, spreading it through his body.

Chapter 37

United Front!!” (共闘!!, Kyōtō!!)

Before Naruto and Jigen can begin fighting, Kawaki offers to go willing if he spares Naruto, telling Naruto Delta was nothing compared to Jigen. Jigen agrees to the terms, but Naruto refuses, stressing that as Hokage, it’s his responsibility to protect everyone in Konoha, including Kawaki. Seeing that compromise is impossible, Jigen portals away with Naruto to a different, desolate dimension. Jigen intends to leave Naruto stranded, but Sasuke arrives kicking Jigen aside. Jigen surmises his identity, and the two disagree on whether the timing of his arrival was good or bad. Sasuke is glad the dimension is empty, so they don’t need to hold back against Jigen, who merely laughs at the notion. Sarada arrives at Naruto’s home, finding bloodied rods in the garden, and Kawaki by himself. Boruto’s Kāma recedes. Jigen absorbs one of Naruto’s Rasengan. He just barely blocks Jigen’s kick, and two rods appear on his arm. Sasuke separates Naruto from Jigen with a kick to the jaw and attacks Jigen with his sword, who blocks it with a large rod and then lands a couple more on Sasuke. Naruto attacks with shadow clones. One is destroyed by rods, and Jigen suddenly disappears when cornered by two clones. He reappears above them, and destroys the remaining clones yet again with rods. Sasuke is able to determine Jigen’s ability works by shrinking and enlarging objects and himself, and warns Naruto that’s not his only secret. Jigen praises Sasuke’s abilities, and determines him to be the more dangerous foe, who he must eliminate first.

Jigen attacks before Sasuke can further inform Naruto. He sends more rods, which Naruto is able to block with a wider Rasengan. During the subsequent exchange of melee attacks, Jigen shrinks again to avoid them, but Sasuke is able to tell Naruto where he is, who in turn attacks with another Big Ball Rasengan. Jigen begins absorbing it even while shrunk, which impairs his mobility and allows Sasuke to attack him. Jigen escapes by teleporting away from the attack, and back to normal size, he thanks them for teaching him weaknesses of his abilities. Manifesting a horn from Kāma, he says they won’t be lucky again. Sasuke recognises it from spying on him before.

Chapter 38

He’s Bad News” (ヤバイ野郎, Yabai Yarō)

Naruto is initially unimpressed by Jigen’s new horn, but Sasuke informs him of the Ōtsutsuki‎ site he found and a new clan member he discovered. Jigen is surprised Sasuke discovered the place. Sasuke carries on revealing the existence of the juvenile Ten-Tails to Naruto, and speculates Jigen’s intent to drain chakra from all the planet. Sasuke manifests his Complete Body Susanoo, prompting Naruto to fully manifest Kurama. Sasuke attacks, but Jigen is disappointed by Susanoo’s speed, and kicks Sasuke out of it, putting a couple rods through him. Jigen goes towards Sasuke, who switches places with him. Naruto attacks with Kurama’s tails, but Jigen simply pins them down with more rods, and punches Naruto out of his Tailed Beast Mode. Naruto prepares a Rasengan, but Sasuke switches places with him at the last second, attempting to behead Jigen with his sword. Jigen manifests rods from his neck, blocking Sasuke’s sword, and kicks him away. Jigen lands physical attacks on Naruto, and Sasuke attempts to burn him with Amaterasu. Jigen absorbs them with his Kāma. Sasuke is concerned that if he spends more chakra, he won’t be able to use space-time ninjutsu. Jigen notices a crack on a blackened section of his body, wondering if his power is too much for this body to contain, reaffirming his need for Kawaki as his next vessel. Jigen decides to end things, and pins Naruto and Sasuke with rods from below.

Considering Naruto to take too much work to kill due to Kurama, Jigen decides to seal him instead, and begins closing the lid of the place they’re in. However, as Sasuke can teleport, he intends to kill him then and there. Naruto creates shadow clones to buy time for Sasuke to escape, reasoning that if they can’t defeat Jigen, one of them has to escape. Sasuke teleports back to Konoha, appearing next to Sakura. Naruto teases Jigen about not being able to track Sasuke with Kāma like he can Kawaki, and wonders why he’s sealing him instead of killing him. Kurama manifests itself, telling Naruto not to give him a reason to do it, as he had no issue with him before. Jigen agrees with Kurama, and asks about Boruto, revealing he knows about Boruto’s Kāma. He promises to kill Naruto next time they meet if he’s still alive, which Naruto says right back at Jigen. He finishes closing the lid, and shrinks the seal down. The blackened section of his body cracks more, and Jigen begins to tear up. Dismissing Jigen’s pain, Isshiki Ōtsutsuki doesn’t consider him to be a worthy vessel and teleports away. At Konoha, Sarada meets Kawaki at Naruto’s house and asks about him. Kawaki drops a photo of Naruto, as his hand no longer functions without Naruto’s chakra, much to his shock.

Chapter 39

Proof” (証明, Shōmei)

Kawaki stares at his fallen prosthetic hand. Sarada asks him what happened. Boruto and Mitsuki arrive. Sarada tells them Naruto is missing. Shikamaru arrives with backup and pins Kawaki down with his shadow. Shikamaru says what the Sensor Unit reported to him and demands an explanation from Kawaki. He gives a signal to a subordinate, and a barrier goes up around the house. Shikamaru explains it’s to both keep Kawaki from fleeing and keeping enemy reinforcements out. Shikamaru orders his subordinates to look in the house in pairs for clues. He unpins Kawaki and asks what happened. Kawaki explains Jigen suddenly appeared when his Kāma began hurting, forming a a crack in the air. Shikamaru recognises it as space–time ninjutsu. Sarada questions why he’d take Naruto if he was after Kawaki, who explains it was to eliminate Naruto for interfering. Shikamaru and Mitsuki note that if it was just to take him out of the day, it would only take a moment, leading Shikamaru to deduce they’re either still fighting, or that best case scenario, Naruto defeated Jigen but can’t come back. Boruto mentions Sasuke, who he knows to have space–time ninjutsu, but Shikamaru hasn’t heard from him since his most recent mission. Shikamaru asks if there’s anything else Kawaki hasn’t said. He bluntly says he has never trusted Kawaki, and suspects Kawaki has been a Kara member all along, Naruto’s disappearance only deepening his concern.

Kawaki finds no fault in his logic. With Naruto absent, it falls on Shikamaru what to do with Kawaki, so he decides for house arrest until they have proof he’s not a spy. Boruto protests but Kawaki accepts it. Koji finds the situation unusual. He determines that Jigen ended up using too much chakra, and finds it a rare opportunity of being able to take Jigen down himself, and leaves to head back to base. Amado tends to Jigen and determines it’ll take two days for his chakra to fully recharge. Jigen says he got carried away by how happy he was, due to how Kawaki’s Kāma is developing. Amado speculates if that is due to the resonance with Boruto’s Kāma, an idea Jigen supports. Jigen believes they’ll both become powerful Ōtsutsuki, and a giant God Tree will grow. He reassures Amado his wishes will be granted. Amado glances at Delta, who tells him off. Boruto refuses to believe Kawaki is a spy, but Shikamaru explains he has to be contained because they can’t tell it either way. Boruto brings up Kawaki sacrificing his arm to protect Naruto and Himawari, but having heard Kara’s scientist might be able to fix it, Shikamaru things it would be a good way to earn their trust, and if there is a plan, they wouldn’t try killing one of their own. Kawaki thinks of Naruto, and wonders why he was good to him. Sarada understands him, and reveals she has wondered how her life would be better if Naruto was her father. She confesses being jealous of Boruto, and annoyed at his ignorance of how lucky he is. While Boruto is arguing with Shikamaru, one of his subordinates arrives with the repaired vase, wondering if it’s a tool for a jutsu. Boruto takes it, berating him for thinking something so stupid, and marvels at it being fixed. Kawaki points out he’s the one who complained about it, and that there’s still a small hole in it. Shikamaru still doesn’t accept it as proof Kawaki isn’t a spy. Kawaki’s prosthesis lights up with Naruto’s chakra, Kawaki taking it as proof Naruto is alive. Kawaki can sense Naruto’s chakra through the prosthesis, and looking at his Kāma, he asks for Boruto’s assistance. Kawaki activates his Kāma, forming a portal like Jigen’s, and Boruto’s Kāma resonates, activating and contributing to the portals formation. Kawaki makes a realisation he can do the same things as Jigen because he’s like him, and decides to go rescue Naruto. Boruto denies Kawaki is anything like Jigen. Shikamaru pins the children with his shadow, with no intention of letting them go. Kawaki breaks it by absorbing it, and warns the portal will close soon. Mitsuki grabs Sarada and Boruto and jumps through. Kawaki goes through it, telling Shikamaru he’s going to get his proof. They arrive at another dimension, and find Boro guarding the kettle containing Naruto. Boro and Kawaki recognise one another, and Kawaki explains Boro is also a Kara Inner, and in some ways, worse than Jigen.

Author’s Note

At the beginning of the 2000s, the “Chocola Saurs” series of toys sold with sweets was a huge craze at the Naruto studio. Each box contained sweets plus one dinosaur surprise figure. Among the 24 different ones was an ape-man called “Australopithecus boisei” that I somehow found myself strangely drawn to. With a sidelong glance at everyone else who was keen on collecting all 24, I alone decided on the eccentric path of single-mindedly amassing as many Boiseis as I could. When I line up the 11 that I received from acquaintances or bought on Yahoo! Auctions, it makes quite a spectacle. Even now, though the boom itself has passed, their bizarre aura shows no sign of decline. I think I wont a few more. Maybe I’ll hunt down a 12th.

—Mikio Ikemoto, 2020

Thank you so much for all of your thoughts and opinions. I have been getting feedback from all over the world and reading it thanks to dictionary and translation software. (And also tons from all you Japanese fans as well!). I am constantly amazed by the number of Naruto and Boruto fans in the world. I preciously read each and every one of your thoughts, and I use all of them as reference. My sincerest apologies that I haven’t sent any replies, but please consider the mango itself as my reply! However, the great number of fans makes me wonder if there might be aliens among you too. If there are, please quietly let me know!

—Ukyō Kodachi, 2020

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