His big Friday, from his father-in-law’s compliment upon his return to ‘El Hormiguero’

Albert rivera You can be very happy this Friday, the closing of a week that has become one of the most special for him. After a period of silence caused by Covid-19 that he has taken advantage of to enjoy his partner, Malú, and his daughter, the former politician returned to the public spot a few days ago to make a big announcement: his book already has a presentation date. But it has not been the only great news because this Thursday he announced on his social networks that he has been incorporated to the law firm Martínez-Echevarría, who has included Rivera’s last name in his name.

It was precisely in the publication of this announcement that Catalan has received a compliment that has surely moved him, not only for the beauty of the message but for the sender, his father-in-law. Pepe de Lucía, the father of the singer Malú, has always spoken wonders of his daughter’s partner, but this was the first time he has done so in such a public way, through a message that everyone can read.

Albert Rivera has received an affectionate message from his father-in-law, Pepe de Lucía / Instagram

«I love you, you have made me very happy with my doll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️», It was the message of the brother of the mythical Paco de Lucía. Just a handful of words that summarize a relationship that seems to be wonderful and that gives a clue about how Albert and Malú are in privacy, since they are very discreet in everything that surrounds their personal lives.

This coming Tuesday, September 22, Albert Rivera has a double opportunity to share how this fatherhood is being, the second for him. That is the day you have chosen to hold a press conference to welcome your book and on which will also return to television. A highly anticipated return that will star in the hands of Pablo Motos.

‘The Hormiguero’ It has been the space that the Catalan has chosen to present his latest work and where, hopefully, he will reveal some details of this beautiful stage that both he and Malú are experiencing. The two have visited the Antena 3 program several times, they feel very comfortable in it and on other occasions they have opened up in a very sincere way, telling unknown details. Will Albert Rivera do something like this again? We will have to wait until next Tuesday, when it will surely bring together a large number of people in front of the small screen.