his entrepreneurial dream returns as a phoenix

The business legacy of Alex Lequio it rises from its ashes and does so at the stroke of a poem: «The cost, the cost. Only when you upload it, it costs. We crossed hills and valleys along the way and passed by, headlines and newscasts. News that we did not even notice. The cost, cost. Only when you have to upload it, it costs. Damn chance, long distance race. Some succeed, others do not. But I promise it will never cost that much, because now you matter, and here I am, but I promise it will never cost that much again. Because now you matter, and here I am ». These poetic lines were written by Ana Obregón’s son two days after finishing his cancer treatment. and now they are again topical because they welcome the official website of ‘Caring Fragrances’, one of the businesses that Lequio Jr. orphaned when his heart stopped beating on May 13.

‘Caring’ is a range of perfumes created by Álex Lequio in collaboration with the Caíco foundation, which is sold on its own website and in Primor stores and which allocates 10% of sales to sick children without financial resources to fight cancer. It was the LOOK team who verified for themselves that the project was adrift when ordering two products (‘Esperanza’ and ‘Sueños’) on May 15, two days after the young man’s death, and not receiving it … until now. After two months of waiting and full of uncertainty, the fragrances are already in our hands. And there are news.

Chronology of the rebirth of ‘Caring’

The process has been long. The company confirmed via e-mail instantly that the order had been correctly registered, that the payment had been made and that it was in progress. However, the weeks progressed without news of it. On June 4 we sent them an email to inquire about the reason for the delay. The same process was carried out on June 22. There was no response in either of them, until June 25, when we received an email from Gmail with the following information: «Your email delivery has not been completed. A temporary problem occurred while delivering the message to [email protected] Gmail will keep trying for 45 more hours. You will be notified if the delivery fails permanently. ” To our surprise, there was no recipient and the website paralyzed its services. There was no way to contact ‘Caring’ to find out what had happened. A sign that made us fear the worst. Had one of Ana Obregón’s son’s business dreams been diluted?

The wait continued and we had no further news of the brand until July 8, when we received an email from ‘Caring’ to apologize for the delay, justifying that “the exceptional situation of COVID-19 has generated logistical problems unrelated to we who have prevented us from having stock of your order as well as receiving units from other references ». They inform us that the order will leave the offices in 24 hours and that the expected delivery date is between the 10th and the 13th of said month. It would not be so.

Puzzled by the situation, on July 22 we wrote to the company again informing them that the deadlines have not been met. On the 24th, and without further explanation, the order finally reaches its destination. Quite a triumph after a long wait time in which a suspicious brake was shown in Álex Lequio’s project.

‘Polar Marketing’ to the rescue

This is where the news arrives. As soon as we collect the perfumes, we check that the website has been reactivated and that its social networks have movement again. The surprise comes when we realize that the shipment does not arrive from Caring, with whom we have been in contact throughout, but the sender is Polar Marketing Group, the company that created Álex Lequio and that in principle had no connection with the first. In fact, we also see it in their social media, where neither refers to the other. They seem completely different companies, but the truth is that those who are now responsible for the sale and distribution of ‘Caring Fragrances’ are those who were co-workers (and friends) of the son of Alessandro Lequio.

And the news does not stop there since to the renewed aspect of its website with the poem ‘La Cuesta’ it must be added that perfumes have recovered their original price (14.95 euros) after several months reduced to 50% in Primor. It should be noted that perfume fragrances are very good and have a very competitive price, making them an excellent purchase option in the fragrance market. Along with this purely business reality, that of these neighborhoods is, without a doubt, a truly moving human story, which this digital has witnessed in the first person and shows that Álex Lequio’s business rebirth is a reality. And it is with the strength of a warrior, like a phoenix, as he would like.