How To Reset Whirlpool Cabrio Washer:
  1. Turn the washer off.
  2. Set the mode selector dial to NORMAL.
  3. Turn the dial counter clockwise ONE click (LEFT), clockwise THREE clicks (RIGHT), counter clockwise ONE click (LEFT) then clockwise ONE click (RIGHT).
  4. Now press the start button.

Similarly, How do you reset the error code on a Whirlpool Cabrio washer?

How to Reset a Whirlpool Cabrio
  1. Touch any key on the display pad to clear the error code, if applicable, or press “Pause/Cancel.”
  2. Choose a new cycle and press “Start” to begin.
  3. Turn off and disconnect the Cabrio if the error or problem persists.
  4. Wait several minutes before restoring power.
  5. Contact Whirlpool for assistance if the unit will not reset.

Also, Where is the error code on a Whirlpool Cabrio dryer?

Whirlpool Cabrio dryer error codes
  1. AF. Exhaust air flow restriction. Check/ Repair.
  2. PF. Power failure. Check/ Repair.
  3. F-01. Main electronic control board failure. Check/
  4. F-02. User interface keypad failure. Check/
  5. F-22. Exhaust thermistor failure. Check/
  6. F-23. Exhaust thermistor failure. Check/
  7. F-26. Drive motor failure. Check/
  8. F-28. Moisture sensor failure. Check/

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Why is my Whirlpool Cabrio dryer not heating up?

Cabrio dryers should be connected to two household fuses or circuit breakers. If one of these trips or fails, the drum will turn, but the dryer may not provide heat. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse and restart your dryer. You should also make sure the dryer is connected to a 240-volt power supply.

Is there a reset button on a washing machine?

Some machines have a button you push to reset its motor. On a machine without a reset button, unplugging the washer and then plugging it back in often serves as the means to reset it. Although not usually a button, programmable washing machines might have a reset function or position to clear a program problem.

How do you calibrate a Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum washer?

  1. Pick three buttons ( Do not use Power button) and within 8 seconds.
  2. Make sure the washer is in (Stand By Mode) which means the machine is plugged in and all the indicator lights are off.
  3. Press and Release the 1st selected button,
  4. Press and Release the 2nd selected button,

What’s wrong with my Whirlpool Cabrio washer?

Deciphering the LD Error Code

Problem: LD Error Code appears during the spin cycle. The “LD” error code refers to long drain. The washer stops because it is taking too long to drain out the water. This is usually caused by a clog in the drain line or something obstructing the pump.

Why is the lid lock light flashing on Whirlpool washer?

Lid Lock Light Flashing: The Lid Lock Light will flash if Lid Lock has not moved into the Lock Position, the Lock Motor can not be powered, or the Lid is not closed completely due to interference. Some models will lock immediately, while others will not lock until after the wash cycle has started.

What does sensing mean on a Whirlpool Cabrio dryer?

One of the features of the Duet series of dryers is automatic dryness sensing. All Whirlpool Duet dryers have sensor strips in the drum. As your load of laundry tumbles in the drum, it makes contact with the sensor strips so that the dryer can end the cycle when your laundry is dry.

What is UL code on Whirlpool Cabrio washer?

Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Error UL. The Cabrio Washer UL error code stands for un-balanced or off-balanced load which means the control has recognized the the tub is off balance during the spin cycle.

What does it mean when your washer says F?

Another possible cause for a dryer not heating up could be attributed to a faulty thermal fuse. Once a dryer’s thermal fuse has blown, it is no longer of any use. If your dryer’s fuse is blown, you will have to replace it. Open up your dryer’s cabinet and locate its thermal fuse so that you can test it.

How do you unlock a Whirlpool top load washer?

Hold down the “Control Lock” button on your Whirlpool washer for three seconds at the end of the washing cycle. Listen, and when you hear the unlatching sound, the door should open.

How do you remove the back of a Whirlpool dryer?

How to Remove the Back Panel on a Whirlpool Dryer
  1. Disconnect the power cord of the Whirlpool dryer from the dryer electrical outlet.
  2. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the three screws located at the top of the control console.
  3. Locate the access panel for the power cord on the right rear of the dryer.

How do you reset a dryer fuse?

How to Reset a Thermal Fuse
  1. Unplug the clothes dryer’s power cord from the wall outlet.
  2. Swing the front panel out towards you so that you can look into the compartment.
  3. Aim a flashlight at the flat-can-like component to locate the blown thermal fuse.

What is the problem if the washing machine wont spin?

If your washer fills with water but doesn’t agitate, the problem is likely to be a faulty lid switch, a broken belt, or a problem with the motor. (Note: Direct-drive washing machines do not have belts.) To diagnose the problem, do the following: 1 Check the washing machine’s spin cycle.

Why won’t my Whirlpool washer fill with water?

Is there a reset button on a washing machine?

Some machines have a button you push to reset its motor. On a machine without a reset button, unplugging the washer and then plugging it back in often serves as the means to reset it. Although not usually a button, programmable washing machines might have a reset function or position to clear a program problem.

How do you clean the lint on a Whirlpool Cabrio Platinum dryer?

How to Clean Lint Out of a Whirlpool Dryer
  1. Grab the lint screen and pull it up and out of the lint catcher in either the door or the top of a Whirlpool dryer.
  2. Roll the lint from the lint screen with your fingers.
  3. Wet the screen with hot water.
  4. Rinse the screen and dry it thoroughly with a towel or allow the screen to air dry.

What does F code mean on Whirlpool Cabrio washer?

The F/dL code indicates a door lock error on the machine. When the door fails to lock to allow the cycle to begin, it attempts to lock itself at least six times before the error appears on the digital display screen. When the door fails to lock, the machine won’t run at all.

Why is my Whirlpool dryer squealing?

Squeaking may be come from the dryer’s belt. Whirlpool dryers spin your clothes in a heated drum to remove wrinkles and water. During the spinning process the clothes dryer makes a certain amount of noise due to the high speed the machine spins and the load of the clothes.

Why is my Whirlpool washer not spinning?

If your Whirlpool Washer is not spinning the problem is almost always the lid switch. If the lid switch is bad you will not hear the motor running when in spin. To check the lid, first unplug the washer. Then you should see the lid switch and the wires going to the plug, remove them and install the new lid switch.

Why does my Whirlpool Cabrio dryer squeak?

If your dryer is making a squeak, squeal or ear piercing noise, it’s highly likely you need to replace your idler pulley . This is a very common issue and very easy to fix. Don’t take the front off for replacing the idler pulley on this Cabrio.

What does it mean when your washer says F?

You can‘t reset the thermal fuse; if it’s blown, replace it with the manufacturer-approved replacement part.

Do all tumble dryers have a reset button?

How do I know if my washing machine motor is bad?

The five most common signs of motor issues are listed below.
  1. Washer Won’t Pump or Spin. It may happen that the washing machine fails to pump water in and out, as well as spin.
  2. Pumps, but Won’t Spin.
  3. Washer Won’t Agitate.
  4. Clothes Still Wet.
  5. Problems in Every Cycle.

What does uL mean on a Whirlpool washer?

Unbalanced load

What does uL mean on a Whirlpool washer?

The F indicates that the washer control detected a component problem. Since the door remained locked, your likely problem was with the drain pump or excessive suds preventing the washer from draining out the water properly. You may find a clog or obstruction that is preventing the washer from draining properly.

How do I fix SD error on Whirlpool Cabrio?

The washer will try to fix this itself by extending the rinse time to clear the suds, if it is able to clear them and no more drag is detected on the tub the Cabrio Washer Error SD code will clear from the display. If the error persists then the steps to take to try and remedy this error are listed below.

Why is dryer so loud?

If the drive belt is worn, replace it. One or more of the drum rollers might be worn out. Many dryers have two drum support rollers on the rear of the drum, and some dryers have two more rollers supporting the front of the drum. When the drum rollers are worn out, they can cause the dryer to make a loud rumbling noise.

What is Whirlpool Cabrio?

Whirlpool Cabrio 4.8 Cu. Ft. 26-Cycle High-Efficiency Top-Loading Washer: This washer has a large capacity for washing more laundry in a single load and features a ColorLast option to help keep colors vibrant. Intuitive controls make it easier to choose the right level of care and cleaning for your clothes.

Why has my dryer stopped working?

Heat and controlling heat are essential to the dryer’s function. A faulty or broken thermostat can make a dryer stop working. Replacing the fuse or the thermostat will allow the dryer to work again. A blown thermal fuse from overheating indicates an additional problem, such as improper ventilation.

What does it mean when your dryer has no heat?