The conversion formula for converting a pressure in bar to kgf/cm² units is:

1 kgf/cm² = 98066.5 pascals (Pa)

1 bar = 100000 pascals (Pa)

kg/cm² pressure related products.

bar kg/cm²
8 8.15773
9 9.17745
10 10.1972
11 11.2169

equally, How do you convert hPa to bar?

The calculation for converting hectopascals (hPa) into bar can be derived as follows:

  1. 1 bar = 100,000 Pascals (Pa)
  2. 1 hPa = 100 Pascals (Pa)
  3. bar value x 100,000 Pa = hPa value x 100 Pa.
  4. bar value = hPa value / 1000.

Then, How much is 1 kg in bar?

Unit converter

1 kg =

2.205 lb
1 bar
1 kg = 35.27 oz 1 Pa
1 t = 1000 kg 1 kPa
1 t = 2205 lb 1 MPa

likewise How many bar is 1kg? PRESSURE CONVERSION FORMULAE:

1 BAR =

14.500 PSI
1 KPa = 0.0100 BAR
1 BAR = 1.0193 KG/CM2 1 KPa = 0.0102 KG/CM2
1 PSI = 0.0690 BAR 1 KG/CM2 = 0.9810 BAR
1 PSI = 6.8966 KPa 1 KG/CM2 = 14.225 PSI
1 PSI = 0.0703 KG/CM2 1 KG/CM2 = 0.0098

How many bars is 3 kg?

1 bar = 100,000 pascals (Pa) 1 kg/cm² = 98,066.5 pascals (Pa) bar value x 100,000 Pa = kg/cm2 value x 98,066.5 Pa.

bar pressure related products.

kg/cm² bar
1 0.980665
2 1.96133
4 3.92266
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How do I convert hPa to PSI?

hPa to psi Conversion Table

  1. 1 psi = 6894.76 pascals (Pa)
  2. 1 hPa = 100 pascals (Pa)
  3. psi value x 6894.76 Pa = hPa value x 100 Pa.
  4. psi value = hPa value x 0.0145038.

What is measured in hPa?

The units of atmospheric pressure commonly used in meteorology were formerly the bar, which was close to the average air pressure on Earth, and the millibar. Since the introduction of SI units, meteorologists generally measure pressures in hectopascals (hPa) unit, equal to 100 pascals or 1 millibar.

How do you convert hPa to ATM?

To convert a hectopascal measurement to an atmosphere measurement, multiply the pressure by the conversion ratio. The pressure in atmospheres is equal to the hectopascals multiplied by 0.000987.

How do you calculate MPa?

If you know the total force exerted to compress a liquid inside a hydraulic cylinder, you can calculate the pressure on the cylinder walls by dividing the force by the area over which it is exerted: P = F/A. When measuring area in millimeters, use the following conversion factor: 1 kN/mm2 = 1,000 MPa.

What does 1 bar mean?

It is defined as exactly equal to 100,000 Pa (100 kPa), or slightly less than the current average atmospheric pressure on Earth at sea level (approximately 1.013 bar). … By the barometric formula, 1 bar is roughly the atmospheric pressure on Earth at an altitude of 111 metres at 15 °C.

How many PSI is a ton?

conversion result for two pressure or stress units:
From unit Symbol Equals Result To unit Symbol
1 ton per square in tsi – US Short =


pounds per sq

. inch psi

Is ATM the same as bar?

A bar is a pressure unit defined as 100 kilopascals. This makes one atmosphere nearly equal to one bar, specifically: 1 atm = 1.01325 bar.

How many HP is a bar?

1 HP Water Pump, Pressure:5 Bar

Power 1 HP
Flow Rate 11.6 ( Liter per Minute )
5 Bar
Operating Temperature Suitable for 65 degree C
Dimensions 13 x 13 mm to 25 x 25 mm

Is atm the same as bar?

A bar is a pressure unit defined as 100 kilopascals. This makes one atmosphere nearly equal to one bar, specifically: 1 atm = 1.01325 bar.

How many kg is Olympic bar?

Use in Olympic weightlifting

A men’s Olympic bar is a metal bar that is 2.2 metres (7.2 ft) long and weighs 20 kilograms (44 lb). The outer ends are 1.96 inches (50 mm) in diameter, while the grip section is 28 millimetres (1.1 in) in diameter, and 1.31 metres (4.3 ft) in length.

What is M bar?

: a unit of atmospheric pressure equal to ¹/₁₀₀₀ bar or 1000 dynes per square centimeter —abbreviation mbar.

What PSI is 2000 hPa?

PRESSURE Units Conversion hectopascals to psi

Hectopascals to Psi (table conversion)
1000 hPa = 14.503773772954 psi
2000 hPa =

29.007547545909 psi
4000 hPa = 58.015095091817 psi
5000 hPa = 72.518868864772 psi

How do you convert horsepower to PSI?

Multiply that gallons per minute by the amount in psi. For the example, the amount in psi is 400. That multiplied by 20 gpm equals 8,000. Divide that number by 1,714 to obtain the hydraulic horsepower.

How do you convert pa to hPa?

To convert a pascal measurement to a hectopascal measurement, divide the pressure by the conversion ratio. The pressure in hectopascals is equal to the pascals divided by 100.

How is pascal calculated?

Section Summary

  1. Pressure is the force per unit perpendicular area over which the force is applied. In equation form, pressure is defined as. P=FA P = F A .
  2. The SI unit of pressure is pascal and 1 Pa=1 N/m2 1 Pa = 1 N/m 2 .

Is hPa equal to MB?

(1 hPa = 100 Pascals = 1 mb.)

What does pressure in Hg mean?

Inch of mercury (inHg and ″Hg) is a unit of measurement for pressure. It is used for barometric pressure in weather reports, refrigeration and aviation in the United States. It is the pressure exerted by a column of mercury 1 inch (25.4 mm) in height at the standard acceleration of gravity.

Is hPa equal to atm?

How many hPa in 1 atm? The answer is 1013.25.

Is hPa and mbar the same?

1000 hPa are equal to 1000 mbar, which is equal to 750 mm of mercury in a barometric column, which is 0.987 of the average atmospheric pressure, which on global average is 1013 millibars or hectopascals. While hPa is used in meteorology most weatherforecasts quote atmospheric pressure in millibar.

Are Torr and atm the same?

One Torr is precisely 1/760 of a standard atmosphere, atm .

Torr and mmHg are almost the same units.

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