The easiest way to install HandiWALL® is from the floor up. Install the first piece of HandiWALL®. Pre-drill the concrete with 5/32 drill bit. Space Tapcons® about 16 inches apart.

Then, Can you cut Proslat panels?

Installation is simple, requiring only a measuring tape, level and drill. To cover a smaller area, it’s easy to trim panels if necessary using a circular saw or jigsaw. For best results, use Proslat hooks and accessories – they are designed for maximum load-bearing capacity.

Considering this, Are all slat walls the same? The short answer is that there is no difference between “slatwall” and “slotwall”. They both are used to describe the same product. Other terms used to describe the same product are “slat wall”, “slot wall”, “slat board”, “slot board”, “slatboard”, “slotboard”, “groove wall”, and “grooved wall”.

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What is a slat board used for?

Slatwall (also known as slotwall) is a building material used in shopfitting for wall coverings or display fixtures. It consists of panels, usually 4 ft. by 8 ft., made with horizontal grooves that are configured to accept a variety of merchandising accessories.

How do you cut slatwall with aluminum inserts?

If the Slatwall needs to be cut-to-size, cut the panels face down. Using a portable circular saw with a sharp saw blade (60-80 teeth) is recommended. Keep in mind that if using a table saw, the panel should be cut face up. Note: If cutting the panel with aluminum inserts, use a carbide tipped saw blade.

How much weight can a slatwall hold?

Reinforced slatwall is the same MDF board with an aluminum metal insert in the slat designed to increase the strength and holding capacity. Un-reinforced slatwall will hold about 12 pounds per bracket 12″ from the wall. Reinforced slatwall will hold about 50 pounds per bracket also 12” from the wall.

Do you need metal inserts for slatwall?

Not only do the metal inserts make the slatwall panels stronger, they also enhance the looks of the grooves. Metal inserts are available in: mill aluminum, The metal inserts are an extruded 6061 or 3003 wrought aluminum. Metal inserts need to be installed at the factory.

How do you hang things on wood paneling?

How to Hang Pictures on Paneling
  1. Use hangars that hang over the top edge of the paneling.
  2. Tap the paneling until you find a solid sound.
  3. Mark the wall with a pencil where you plan to insert a screw or nail.
  4. Insert an anchor into the hole using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  5. Hammer the proper size nails into heavier paneling as you would into sheetrock.

How do you fit slatwall panels?

How to Install Slatwall
  1. Mark the position of your wall studs.
  2. Hold your slatboard to the wall and align your slatwall grooves with the wall stud.
  3. Mark your slatwall groove so that your wall and slatwall marking will align.
  4. Ensure your markings are level and that your panel will be level once mounted.

Are all slat walls the same?

Thanks! Re: Slat wall compatability are they all interchangeable? They aren’t all compatible (Gladiator being one of the “oddballs”). The “standard is the grooves being 3” on center and this is how about 8 out of 10 of the manufacturers do it.

How do you slatwall?

Allow panels to acclimate to room temperature before installing.
  1. Drill. Circular Saw.
  2. Installation Instructions. Slatwall panels can be installed to inished or uninished surfaces and directly over.
  3. If the Slatwall needs to be cut-to-size, cut the panels face down.
  4. Use countersunk flathead screws for installation.
  5. Stud.

Will Gladiator hooks work on Proslat?

Proslat hooks don’t fit on Gladiator tracks. Once you commit to a slatwall vendor, you need to use their hardware. When you pull an item off a hook, the hook doesn’t move around, as pegboard hooks do. You can store ladders, yard tools and bicycles on slatwall hooks.

Will Pegboard hooks work on slatwall?

Metal Pegboard is the most popular style of pegboard for garage use. Slatwall is one of the most versatile styles of vertical garage storage. Not being held down to just a bunch of holes, you can put slatwall hooks, baskets and even cabinets anywhere on the slatwall.

What is the best garage wall storage system?

The Best Garage Storage System
  1. Wall Control Galvanized Steel Pegboard Garage Storage System.
  2. 2x4basics Custom Workbench And Garage Storage System.
  3. NewAge Products Bold 3.0 Garage Storage System.
  4. UltraHD Tall Garage Storage System.
  5. Gladiator Ready-to-Assemble Garage Storage System.
  6. Fleximounts 4×8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack.