Synonyms for poop
  1. crap.
  2. BM.
  3. defecation.
  4. discharge.
  5. dung.
  6. excrement.
  7. excretion.
  8. fecal matter.

Hereof, How do you pronounce Nguyen?

“Nguy?n is the most common Vietnamese family name. Outside of Vietnam, the surname is commonly rendered without diacritics as Nguyen. Vietnamese pronunciation is northern [ŋʷǐˀ?n] and southern [ŋʷĩ?ŋ] ; in English it is commonly /ˈw?n/ “win”.” – from Wikipedia .

Do you pronounce the T in often? A: The word “often” can be pronounced with a silent “t” (the more common pronunciation) or with an audible “t.” How “correct” is the second pronunciation? That depends on the dictionary you consult. Both are correct, according to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language (4th ed.).

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Is it pronounced GIF or Jif?

Steve Wilhite, who is accepting a lifetime achievementaward at The Webby Awards, told the NY Times how annoyed he was atthe debate over the pronunciation of GIF: “TheOxford English Dictionary accepts both pronunciations. They arewrong. It is a soft ‘G,’ pronouncedjif.’

Why can’t Americans Say caramel?

Specifically, the pronounciation of the word caramel is mostly reduced to 2 syllables in the north and midwest regions. It is seen also in the far west sometimes but not as strongly, due to the number of Americans who move there from other regions, bringing their accents and dialects with them.

How is Porsche pronounced?

While many people pronouncePorsche” as “Porsh,” that isincorrect. The correct way to pronouncePorsche” is actually as a two-syllable word:“Por-shuh.”

How do I pronounce data?

There is only one way to pronouncedata” and that is as it is written. As it iswritten, it is “dayta”.

Across all of the English speaking world, data is generallypronounced in three different ways:

  1. Datta, sounding like matter;
  2. Darta, sounding like smarter;
  3. Dayta, sounding like crater.

Why do Americans say soldering?

Why do Americans say ‘sodder’ when they are going to solder something? – Quora. Originally Answered: Why do Americans say “Soder” when the correct word is “solder” (connecting wires together)? Because they don’t speak English, they speak American. It’s correct as far as they’re concerned.

Is it pronounced Carmel or caramel?

Generally, “caramel” is defined as achewy, light-brown candy made from butter, sugar, and milk orcream. Caramel is the correct spelling if you’re talkingabout food or colors. Carmel is a misspelling when used inthose contexts, but it is a word that can be used as a name forpeople or places.

How do you pronounce gyro?

The word comes from the Greek word for “spin,” a fact confirmed by staff at Greektown restaurant Athena. “Yee-ro” would apply to a single sandwich, as in, “I want a gyro,” while “yee-ros” would be the correct pronunciation if you were to say, “I love gyros,” Greek experts said.

How is Porsche pronounced?

How do you pronounce Nutella?

Nutella, according to the manufacturer Ferrero,is pronounced “New-tell-uh.” This was previously confirmedin the company’s FAQ page, which reads: “Nutella(pronounced “new-tell-uh”) is a tasty, unique spread madefrom the combination of roasted hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint ofcocoa.

How do you pronounce data in UK?

The NOAD reports the pronunciation as/ˈdæd?/ /ˈde?d?/, using the American English IPA;using the British English IPA, the pronunciation is/ˈde?t?/.

9 Answers

  1. /ˈde?t?/ as UK, US.
  2. /ˈdæt?/ as US.
  3. /ˈd?ːt?/ as Australia, UK formal.

How do British say caramel?

The Cambridge Dictionary supports two correct English pronunciations of the word caramel. According to Cambridge Dictionary, the UK’s pronunciation focuses more heavily on the care-a-mel. While in the US, it focuses more heavily on the car-a-mel.

How do you pronounce Nguyen?

“Nguy?n is the most common Vietnamese family name.Outside of Vietnam, the surname is commonly rendered withoutdiacritics as Nguyen. Vietnamese pronunciation isnorthern [ŋʷǐˀ?n] and southern[ŋʷĩ?ŋ] ; in English it is commonly /ˈw?n/”win”.” – from Wikipedia .

How do New Yorkers pronounce aunt?

Q: I would like to know why some people pronounceaunt” like AHNT and others like ANT. I grew up in the Midwest where everyone said ANT, but I now live in NYC where everyone says AHNT. But, seriously, the word “aunt” has two correct pronunciations: ANT (like the insect) and AHNT.

How do you pronounce the name acai?

Acai is pronounced ah-sah-EE.

How do you pronounce Worcestershire?

As for the name Salmon, that is derived fromSalomon/Solomon, and not the fish, and so the l should bethere, and it should in most cases bepronounced.

How do you pronounce Worcestershire?

It’s pronounced “AH-dee-dahs,” with emphasis on thefirst syllable. The brand is derived from the name of Germanfounder Adolf Dassler. If you’re American, you’re probablypronouncing the sneaker brand Adidas as “Ah-DEE-dus.”That’s completely wrong — it’s pronounced”AH-dee-dahs.”

Do you pronounce the T in Mountain?

In the American accent, it’s actually quite normal to “drop the t” in a word like mountain. After an N, we make a held T– with no extra tongue movement. We use the same tongue movement for N to make T.

Is data singular or plural?

This is certainly the case with the word data. Asshown in the Publication Manual (p. 96), the word datum issingular, and the word data is plural.Plural nouns take plural verbs, so data shouldbe followed by a plural verb.

How do you say route in UK?

In the UK, route is pronounced /ru:t/,rhyming with root. On the other hand, the pronunciation/ra?t/, rhyming with shout, is rout, meaning, among many otherthings, various kinds of gatherings of people (as a noun) anddefeat (as a verb).

Is crayon pronounced crown?

The debate in the 40/29 Newsroom has been heated — how do you pronounce the word “crayon?”We collected three pronunciations in our newsroom: “cray-on,” “cran,” and “crown.”When we posted our video on Facebook, hundreds of people responded. The pronunciation “cran” may be from the Midwest.

How do you use either and neither?

Iran has three common pronunciations in North America:
  1. /?ˈ??ːn/ (ear-RAHN)
  2. /?ˈ?æn/ (ear-RAN)
  3. /a?ˈ?æn/ (eye-RAN)

Why is neither pronounced two different ways?

The idea is that saying EE, ‘neither‘ or ‘either‘ with the EE as in SHE vowel is American, and saying ‘neither‘ or ‘either‘ with the AI diphthong is the British pronunciation. There’s not a British pronunciation and an American pronunciation when it comes to the vowel or diphthong sound in the stressed syllable.

Is the Y silent in crayon?

Webster’s Dictionary states the proper way to pronounce Crayon is in two syllables krA on’. However, individual and regional dialects may have slightly different pronunciations. Please note that crayon is a generic term.

Is the Y silent in crayon?

DA-da-da. Worcestershire. Don’t pronounce that first R, and also make sure you put the schwa in the last syllable. Some people will want to say ‘shire’, but just like the state ‘New Hampshire’, -shire, -shire, it’s a schwa in that last syllable.

Why is lawyer pronounced Loyer?

In most of the United States, Lawyer is pronounced to rhyme with “boy,” (loyer). In the south, excluding Texas and Florida (not really south I’ve been told), it is pronounced to rhyme with “saw,” (law-yer). Southerners put the law into lawyer.

How many syllables are in crayons?

2 syllables

Do you pronounce the T in often?

The Oxford Dictionary says: Usage When pronouncingoften, some speakers sound the t, saying/ˈôft?n/; for others, it is silent, as in soften,fasten, listen. Either pronunciation is acceptable, although/ˈôf?n / is more common. “Often” is an example ofspelling pronunciation.

How do you pronounce IKEA?

“When Ingvar founded IKEA in 1943, he ofcourse pronounced it with a typical Swedish accent:“Eee-KEH-Yah,” explains a spokesperson to Quartz. It’snot “AYE-kee-yah,” as English speakers pronounceit, or “IK-yah,” as the Japanese mightsay.

How do u pronounce Iran?

2 syllables

How do you pronounce Carmel?

The Oxford Dictionaries states: “The word caramel canacceptably be pronounced in several accepted ways, includingKARR-uh-mel, KARR-uh-muhl, and, in North American English,KAR-muhl. The disappearance of that second syllable -uh- in thefinal pronunciation seems to have been in the works for a longtime.”

Is Caribbean pronounced or Caribbean?

Iran has three common pronunciations in North America:
  1. /?ˈ??ːn/ (ear-RAHN)
  2. /?ˈ?æn/ (ear-RAN)
  3. /a?ˈ?æn/ (eye-RAN)