How to do a facial cleansing at home in 3 simple steps

Facial cleansing at home is one of the most important routines to show off a radiant face. It does not matter that you have the best creams on the market, if you do not prepare the skin for its application first. No, it is not simply about wash your face with water in the morning and at night. This way you do not eliminate the pollutants that accumulate on the skin, sebum or makeup since these types of substances are not soluble in water.

Is the facial cleansing routine at home necessary even if you don’t wear makeup? Of course yes. Throughout the day, traces of sebum, pollution and sweat accumulate, creating a kind of ‘Barrier’ on the skin, which prevents the assets of the creams that you are going to apply next to be absorbed.


The first step is to use an oil-based cleaner to remove all the dirt. Then use a gel cleanser, water-based, to remove impurities and leave pores well clean. Of course, the products must be specific for the face.


It is essential to dry the skin of the face very well, without dragging. The correct way to do it is with a clean cotton towel, to touch. Take a few minutes for this step, placing the towel in all corners of the face.


And finally, the application of the tonic to restore the skin pH levels. There are those who believe that a toner is a cleanser, but it really is not. Prepare the skin to receive the treatments that you are going to apply next, such as the cream or the serum.