How to make a homemade coconut shower gel

Make a coconut homemade shower gel It will help us take care of our skin with an aroma that can be wonderful. Coconut is that versatile fruit that serves almost everything, its oils take care of hair and skin, for this reason it may be the best option for a homemade shower gel that manages to enhance that natural beauty of our body. If you are one of those who points to eco fashion, you will love being able to prepare your shower gels without any chemical ingredient, they are all natural products that will blend perfectly with your skin. Dare to try your own homemade coconut shower gel.


  • 217 gr organic base for shower gel
  • 25 gr of coconut extract
  • 5 gr of macadamia oil
  • Aromatic coconut essence

How to make a homemade coconut shower gel

  1. For this recipe we will use a good organic base of shower gel that we can find in any pharmacy or online easily.
  2. We remove this element well in a bowl, we prepare it for the arrival of the main ingredient. When it is well loose we add the coconut extract.
  3. Mix with the macadamia oil. This element is ideal for dry skin, we can add a little more in summer or in times when we sunbathe.
  4. At this point, we can add a few drops of dye or leave the color of the natural gel, white.
  5. The last of the ingredients will be coconut oil that will give aroma to the finish. In this way we will get an incredible coconut shower gel.

We put the mixture in a bottle and label it, with the same base we can add the ingredients that we like the most. You will have your own gel ready without any chemicals and with a sweet aroma that will make you fall in love.