Hugh Grant, the eternal Hollywood heartthrob turns 60

The famous British actor, Hugh grant, known for his numerous interpretations among which are Four weddings and a funeral, Love Actually or Notthing Hill, among others he is 60 years old. Over time, the interpreter He has managed to avoid the different controversies in which he has been involved while at the same time he has become an iron enemy of Boris Johnson, an anti-Brexit activist without losing the thread when it comes to his film career. Definitely, It is the most obvious proof that you can get out of the scandal without tarnishing your image, not as has happened with many other Hollywood actors who have seen their careers over.

Hugh Grant in a file image / Gtres

It was when I was 34 when he made millions of romantic comedy lovers sigh thanks to his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994). He young english actor, somewhat clumsy and a bit disaster managed to make its own niche in the Hollywood film industry and since then has not stopped working and reaping successes. Hugh grant who has never minced his tongue has not been shy when it comes to expressing his opinion in relation to romantic comedies, although he has also recognized that thanks to those papers he has arrived where he is.

Hugh Grant and Elisabet Eberstein
Hugh Grant and Elisabet Eberstein in a file image / Gtres

In an interview a couple of years ago to The Hollywood Reporter confessed: «They paid me tons of money. I was very lucky. And most of them, except for one or two that are embarrassing, I already like people too. And I firmly believe that our job is to entertain ». His sincerity and charisma have also been the keys that have positioned him as one of the faces that most attract the general public. However, Hugh Grant has also been the protagonist of some controversy.

The most notorious was the one that occurred in the 1990s when he was arrested for having sex with a prostitute in the car. The actor went out for a walk down Boulevard Subset Avenue in Los Angeles (California) when police officers arrested him for having relations in his white BVW with the woman who called herself Divine Brown. Hugh Grant was arrested for lack of morale. After what happened and numerous speculations that put him in the spotlight, he declared the following: “I guess the contrast between the character I played in ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ with whom he was the protagonist of this event was a very strong contrast.

Hugh grant
Hugh Grant on his way through ‘El hormiguero’ / Gtres

On the other hand, and despite the scandal, he continued his professional career and his jobs were not crushed by the numerous rumors and speculations that began to pour out about him. Then he found love and, although he has always been against marriage because he says it “stains relationships”, he married for the first time at 57 in a discreet civil ceremony in the London borough of Chelsea with Anna Eberstein, mother of her three children.