Hugo and Adara Molinero, a love story caught with tweezers

It was January 2018 when an unexpected courtship was officially confirmed. Hugo Martin Sierra, the brand new winner of ‘Gh Revolution’, and Adara Miller, the beautiful finalist of GH7, were a couple. Nobody knew very well how, but these two contestants from different editions of the mythical Zeppelin reality had fallen in love. Neither their different contests, nor their disparate lives had been an impediment. Hugo, a veteran former basketball player (46) from Uruguay to Mallorca with the dream of trying his luck in the world of television, He had stolen the heart of a very young flight attendant (25 years at the time), before model, who tired of traveling and working in China and Indonesia also froze her professional career to make the leap to the small screen.

That was the only thing Hugo and Adara apparently had in common, the morbidity of trying their luck in the roulette of realities. And they had it, no doubt. He won her contest and she stayed at his doorstep, enough in both cases to gain significant economic income with which to fly and survive the ephemeral fame of reality TV contests. He more than her, everything is said, as a worthy winner. Hugo pocketed the legendary briefcase of 300,000 euros, with which he set up a restaurant in Palma de Mallorca. And there was still part to bring his family from Uruguay to Spain and return to live with his family, as in the old days. And there where he also joined “his own”, the young Adara.

Adara had her residence in Madrid with her mother but immediately knew that her life with Hugo would have to be in the Balearic Islands, and there she moved. A wall separated him from his boy's family. A wall that, when a year after the relationship began, little Martin came to the world, also served as support and help to move forward. Adara had turned 26. Just a few months after meeting her partner, they were already expecting a child. "It was very sought after", he said inside Big Brother Vip, but the news seems that he did not fall well in his family. “Too fast everything”, say other voices.

In little more than a year, Hugo and Adara had started their life in a new city – strange to Madrid – they had brought a baby into the world and launched a second business: Adara Beuty, a beauty center for the care of nail. At that same time, the restaurant went bankrupt and only the aesthetic center remained to move forward. A casting, that of GH VIP, knocked on his door as a new opportunity to get out of the economic downturn and who knows if of any more. "When Adara entered the house … they were fine", said the mother of the contestant after a long reflection last Sunday during the debate of Mediaset and the dangerous approach of her daughter with the Italian Gianmarco. Listening to Adara in the contest tell Master Joao between whispers that she is not happy, that Hugo does not want her, that she does not treat her properly – “she tells me to fuck her,” explains the former model – who does not want to work or that a separation arises but it would not support shared custody, the foundations of this incipient relationship that has been set in record time and that threatens to collapse with the same speed with which it began began to falter.