"I don't think about those things"

Betis has not been able to pass the draw at home against Real Mallorca and it seems difficult to qualify for European competitions for the next season. In search of a revulsive that allows him to opt for it, the Verdiblanco team could bet on a change of coach, something for which Rubi has been asked at a press conference.

“I don't think about those things, what I have to do is keep working, shake the tree so that the players realize that what they are looking for is performance. The team has generated enough even to win 5-3. I don't think anything else, ”said the Catalan coach.

Rubi: “I have stopped talking about Europe for days”

On the European aspirations of Betis, Rubi has pointed out: “For days I have stopped talking about Europe, I am going game by game. What we cannot do is make mistakes as in the second and third goal. This is hard and I will try to fix it. It is unforgivable that we fit three goals at home. ”

The former coach of Espanyol, has spoken of the defensive fragility of his team: “It did not fit into our plans to fit three goals, it is true that there have been three occasions and three goals. I am very hurt by the second and third goal. In the second we had already reorganized the team and we were very wrong in how to defend that play. In the third we were very close to the room, but until it is achieved you cannot recreate and come up. I liked the team in attack, but it was not able to defend these three actions. ”

Rubi: "It is true that we are not happy with how the season went to this day"

Finally, Rubi has considered that it is a bad campaign for Betis: “The season is not over, mathematically many codas can happen. But it is true that we are not happy with how the season went until today. I will continue to insist. If in the end it is considered a failure and must be recognized, it will be done. ”