“I don’t want my sister to grow up in a disorganized family like I have grown up”

This Friday has been one of those intense afternoons that ‘Save me’ gives away from time to time. The protagonist, once again, was Antonio David Flores, who has been in the spotlight for several days after the already constant appearance of women who claim to have had encounters with him. After acknowledging last Thursday, that this story has taken its toll on his marriage with Olga Moreno, this Friday His eldest daughter, Rocío Flores, has entered the scene, to launch a resounding “enough” and try to end, once and for all, the derision against his father.

Antonio David has listened very attentively to the words of his daughter / Telecinco

In the past, Rocío Jurado’s granddaughter was reluctant to make statements, but after passing through ‘Survivors’ she no longer has problems in showing her face, especially if it is to defend those she loves most. With tears in her eyes and very emotional, the young woman has fiercely defended the honor of her father and her entire family. «If I am here it is basically to say that enough of hurting a family for free and of try to break a family who has been together for 20 years and two people fighting hand in hand with tougher and more difficult situations for the same goals, their children, ”Rocío began saying, who could not and did not want to hide her anger.

Antonio David Flores, Rocío FLores
Emotion has won the collaborator, who has turned excited / Telecinco

In his opinion, it is a campaign created to hurt his father because, “if this were true, it would have come out a long time ago, not now.” His response is to support both his father and his wife, sinceor is she “ready for my family to break up because he doesn’t deserve it.

It was then that Rocío Flores made one of her forceful statements to make it clear to whom she is loyal. “The one that hurts me is the one who raised me, regardless of whoever it is”, he said referring to Olga Moreno. «Are they going to tell me that they have a marriage of convenience? The love that this couple has is not bought with money.

Antonio David Flores, Rocío FLores
“The one that hurts me is the one who raised me, despite whoever it is,” said the young woman / Telecinco

The situation, without a doubt, is not easy at all, but the young woman is not going to stop fighting for her own, as she points out, neither will they. «There are certain limits and not everything goes. I’m… okay! I don’t know if there is a black hand, green or phosphorite yellow, but I am not willing for them to come and break my family. That we have gone through very screwed-up issues and we have come forward like a pineapple ».

Above all, she is worried about her siblings, especially the little girl, whom she wants to protect at all costs: «I don’t want my sister to grow up in an unstructured family as I have grown up ».

Antonio David, overcome by the situation

Antonio David Flores, Rocío FLores
Antonio David Flores has ended up leaving the set, overcome by the situation / Telecinco

Antonio David, like his daughter, has not been able to hold back the tears and has ended up leaving the program. “Are you going to come back?” Jorge Javier Vázquez asked him, to which he wanted to shut up as an answer, leaving him in the air.