"I was arrested for a prostitute in Los Angeles"

The actress, presenter and biologist has commented on the Toñi Moreno program an uncomfortable incident that she lived during her stay in Hollywood, when she was arrested by the police

The actress and biologist has confessed in ‘Those wonderful years’ an awkward experience He lived during his stay in Los Angeles, when he sought to gain a foothold in the competitive Hollywood industry. The presenter commented that she was arrested by the police when she was confused with a prostitute. "I was handcuffed, I had to call my representative," he explained to Toñi Moreno.

What is now a fun and curious anecdote, was a very distressing moment initially. The reason for the discussion was a casting in which Ana Obregón should be characterized as a mere. “When I went to Los Angeles, I came to know very little English, I studied at the School of Dramatic Arts in New York. They called me for a casting of a movie that starred Tom cruise”Commented the actress.

"The role was to play a prostitute. Then I was dressed in ‘Pretty Woman’ plan, with a miniskirt, characterized. I did the test, they told me fine but that it was a bit sophisticated and didn't look like it. I didn't know how to do it, they told me to wear more like that. As I arrived half an hour earlier, I walked down Sunset Boulevard. She was dressed in a very daring way, with a miniskirt-belt, with a wig, ”she continued.

“And this is followed by a police car. They stop me and tell me to go to the car, that I could not work in that area. They confused me with a prostitute. Although I told them I was an actress, they took me equally. I left after making a call to my representative, ”explained the interpreter and biologist.

The protagonist of series like ‘At eleven at home’ and ‘Ana and the seven’ talked about several moments of his life, as of his many loves, among which he highlighted his romances with Fernando Martín, Alessandro Lecquio and the soccer player Davor Suker; or his experience in the biology career at the Complutense University of Madrid; as well as the famous paella that Steven Spielberg cooked (and from which an image could be seen).

Although another one of the moments that stood out It was when the announcement made along with the tenor Plácido Domingo of the 1984 Freixenet Christmas campaign could be seen. In the promotion, Obregón had to sing along with the opera divo, demonstrating his voice skills. One of the most remembered ads of the Spanish firm of cava.