“I was not willing to reject things for music”

These are not good times for Bertín Osborne: if last Saturday his wife, Fabiola Martínez, reported positive for coronavirus in her son Kike, on Sunday the singer and presenter was the protagonist of ‘White Hormigas’, in which the career and personal life of the Jerez man were reviewed. Which included his extensive love resume and a comparison with Julio Iglesias himself, as far as musical talent and lovemaking skills are concerned. And it is that both are preceded by their fame of womanizers as well as that of musical idols both in Spain and in Latin America, although the interpreter of ‘Life continues the same’ is a star worldwide, unlike his colleague by profession.

Bertín Osborne has been the star of this week’s ‘White Hormigas’ / Mediaset

Together with Carlota Corredera a group of collaborators formed by Lydia Lozano, Cristina Cifuentes, Beatriz Cortázar and Mila Ximénez, who starred in the gathering during which they gave their opinion on his musical career, his facet as a born conqueror, but even came to comment on whether or not they would have had something with the presenter of ‘My house is yours’. But not all were good words for the Andalusian. Times have changed a lot, and at a time of empowerment of women where machismo is being fought, that facet of Bertín that he even bragged about is no longer seen in the same way.

Carlota Corredera, Cristina Cifuentes, Lydia Lozano, Mila Ximénez, Beatriz Cortázar
A whole team of high-altitude collaborators to comment on the program / Mediaset

Hence, the critics did not wait. And of course they came from the hand of Mila Ximénez, who has returned to Mediaset with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm and with a sharper sharpness than ever. The night started out strong when Carlota Corredera asked her gathering, before the documentary was broadcast, if they had had anything with him. Mila was clear in her arguments: “I never because I did not like his attitude with the girls, he would not have compensated me”. After seeing Bertín’s interviews in which she claimed to be proud of her machismo, the communicator exploded. “I was getting my stomach here watching this,” she explained bluntly. And she was emphatic in commenting that it bothers her that «When Bertín goes to a set they all drool. Any joke is allowed ». Moment in which he clarified that he was talking about presenters of the stature of María Teres Campos and Terelu.

Mila Ximenez
Mila has been blunt when criticizing the musical talent of Bertín / Mediaset

From then on, the journalist was very tough in her opinions, especially when Bertín was compared to Julio Iglesias, two of the winners – at all levels – in the 1970s and 1980s. Mila was blunt: « I’m going to say something that is going to feel terrible: With regard to talent, neither of us is in excess». But he went a step further by analyzing his pose on stage and stating that “the two look like a totem. They are not funny. And he also explained the reasons why Julio had reached the top, alluding to his “iron discipline” by submitting to the demands of his record company. “Bertín went far, but he did not have that ability (…) He was not willing to reject things for music.”