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Lydia valentine caught the attention of public opinion after all the controversy raised by the rumors that spoke of Sergio Ramos as possible flag bearer of Spain in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The athlete attended the gala of the Los Leones awards of EL ESPAÑOL and answered about this topic.

The Olympic champion, very elegant, said that everything had been taken "a bit of context" and that she, like the rest of athletes, focuses on training and focusing on the new objectives.

"Let's see I think it has taken a bit of context. In the end it has been a bit absurd controversy. I only did a few tweets on Twitter. In the end we focused on something else, training, enjoying training, in set sights on goals and competitions, "said Lydia Valentín.

Of course, the Berciana did say that she would be delighted to be the flag bearer of Spain in Tokyo next summer: "Obviously I would love to be – flagged – if not, then someone else. In the end I think it has been completely taken out of context." The favorite is Saul Craviotto, although the tetracampeona of the world is also in the pools.

Absurd controversy

Lydia Valentín did not want to enter to value what other athletes have given their opinion about Sergio Ramos' option as flag bearer. "Well, if that's what the others have said, great. I give my opinion," he said before re-emphasizing that a "very absurd controversy" has been created. "It is that I believe that he has not said it. It has been taken out of context, there has been a very absurd controversy, really," he concluded.