Iberdrola says that Spain will be able to produce 74% of electricity with renewable energy in 2030

Agustin thin, director of Innovation and Sustainability at Iberdrola, ensures that Spain will be able to produce «with the help of sun, water and wind» 74% of the electricity Spanish, «at a competitive price, without producing CO2 and with the same quality as it does now».

«It is not an energy transition, it is an energy revolution» Delgado said in his participation in a breakfast jointly organized by Mediapost and the Spanish Network for Sustainable Development (REDS), in order to analyze the 17 Objectives for Sustainable Development (SDG) marked by the United Nations Organization (UN).

Also, the director of Iberdrola stressed that in Spain «A fossil fuel plant will never be built again, they will only be closed» and assured that it will be the private sector that is responsible for facilitating the alternatives. «Almost all the energy coming from a plug will be renewable and, possibly, the prices will be lower, ”Delgado added.

«Some people talk about what we can do in the face of 2050, but it's a debate for people who don't want to act anymore, ”he said, since for the manager what matters is to act as soon as possible.

In this regard, he indicated that there are several reasons why a transition towards the use of sustainable energies, stating that the society demands, "is essential for the environment and is more efficient and competitive."

Electric vehicles and heat pump

Refering to technology, Delgado has highlighted two evolutions. The heat pump and the electric vehicle. In the case of the first, he said that he demonstrates an efficiency of 300% and that the new building code favors its installation.

As for the electric vehicles, valued its importance because «they not only have an effect on climate change but also on the improvement of air quality in cities«. «In 2030 they will already represent a 20% of the entire world fleet«He said thin.